Makeup & SPFX Programs

NIC’s Film Makeup Masters program is the most advanced SPFX TV & Film makeup program in the country. NIC’s project-based program was designed with the focus on students embracing the inner workings of a makeup department while learning vital information and strategies to succeed in the TV & Film Industry. We will nurture the creative and artistic side of every MUAs, as well as expand their knowledge and skills. We set the bar high for excellence in our curriculums so students can master their craft and thrive in their careers

Film Makeup Masters

1 year diploma program

Comprehensive, in-depth training for makeup artists focused on TV & Film, from fundamentals to advanced prosthetics.

Professional Makeup Artist

22 weeks certificate program

Develop your makeup skills through creative projects, from hair and wedding to high fashion makeup.

Co-Op Programs for International Students

Our Co-Op programs offer the opportunity for international students to live, study and work in Vancouver, combining personal growth and experience with their first steps into the Canadian job market.

Film Makeup Masters Co-Op

2 year diploma program

Complete training for makeup artists focused on TV & Film with co-op work portion to step into the job market and gain professional experience.

Professional Makeup Artist Co-Op

44 weeks certificate program

Immersive project-based program with co-op work opportunities.

Youth Under 18 Programs

NIC’s makeup programs include young makeup artists, stimulating creativity and encouraging the exploration of their own art and skills from youth, from ages 12-17.

Character & FX Creations

5 days program

Creative workshop for young makeup artists to dive into the imaginative universe of character design and special makeup effects.