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Acting 101

As this course assists you in developing a toolkit of skills to excel in this ever-evolving industry, your education will constantly be put to the test. Working in partnership with our sister company, New Image Entertainment, you will be provided with the opportunity to audition, prepare and deliver performances on professional film shoots. 

In a total of three productions, experience the realities of filmmaking in a supportive and rewarding environment. As you enter the industry, these IMDB credits will act as the basis of your professional resume. 

The accomplishments of the NIC Acting alumni speak for themselves. This award-winning student body will continue to shine. We challenge you to join the next generation.

Acting 101

Courses included in this program and hours

Text Analysis – 87 Hours

In life, we speak with the intention. Text analysis will teach you how to uncover the meaning behind the written word, focusing on how to be specific with your character’s intentions, and how to bring reality into the fictitious worlds that we create as artists.

Movement, Voice & Speech – 90 Hours

The Hero moves, speaks and acts differently than the Villain. This module will teach you how to embody the physical and vocal demands of the character. You will develop an awareness and sense of relaxation, encouraging you take bold chances with your characterization. For a character to become alive, you have to fearlessly free them from the page.

Scene Study – 43 Hours

One of the best ways to learn acting is by using the Scene Study technique. Here we’ll take a deep dive into it and help you unravel your true acting talent.

Live Performance Preparation – 60 Hours

This is where you’ll be putting everything in action. After all, we are an action based school.

Admission Information

  • Admission Details
  • Tuition and Fees

At least 19 years of age or have a high school diploma. Completion of Student Application Form and Admissions. Questionnaire by paper or online. Domestic students must also have an English Assessment prior to start. International students must also pass with a mark of 25/30 both the New Image Written English Assessment Test and Verbal English Assessment Test.

Tuition and Fees

Domestic Application Fee: $50.00

Tuition Fee: $3,950.00

International Application Fee: $250.00

Tuition Fee: $4,950.00

Included in tuition fees: Scripts valued at $125.00.

Not included in tuition fees: Basic school supplies including: pens, pencils, highlighters, sharpeners, erasers, white-out, tape, scissors, binders, paper, etc.

Acting Supplies: Scripts can be replaced at the cost of $20.00/each.

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