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Our campus is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Canada. We would be happy to invite you for a tour of our Granville Campus. Granville Campus 987 Granville St F2, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L3 Contact Us  Toll Free:         1 (866) 354-6243  Call Direct:    +1 (604) 685 8807  Fax #:            +1 (604) 685 8870  E-mail:           info@newimage.ca  Skype:           new_image_college  WhatsApp:    +1 (604)  Read more ➝

New Image College has developed this arrival guide for international students. The arrival guide is designed to support international student safe arrival and self-isolation/quarantine in preparation for study at New Image College while COVID-19 presents a risk to our community. This guide will be updated regularly by New Image College to reflect changes in response  Read more ➝

How to Apply? Starting your application with New Image College to begin the career you have always dreamed of is an exciting step. Our Programs and Career Advisors are a simple phone call or email away. We are eager to help make this application process an enjoyable and stress free endeavour. Your application will be  Read more ➝

New Image College Communicable Disease Safety Protocols In accordance with Ministry of Education and WorkSafeBC regulations, New Image College has implemented a set of Communicable Disease Safety Protocols that will be updated when needs change. In the event of an epidemic, pandemic, or other instance of communicable disease transmission, these guidelines attempt to restrict contact  Read more ➝

Programs Canada's Best TV & Film Acting, Makeup and Spa Education TV & Film Acting Film Acting ConservatoryFilm Acting Conservatory Co-OpCo-Op Film Acting 1 Film Acting IntermediateActing 101  NIC | The Next Generation Makeup Film Makeup Masters Film Makeup Masters Co-Op Professional Makeup Artist Profesional Makeup Artist Co-Op Teen Intensive Courses Makeup Intensive Course Acting  Read more ➝

This document outlines the prevention measures recommended by public health for post-secondary institutions in B.C. to reduce the risk of communicable diseases, including COVID-19, on campus. The prevention measures detailed in this document have been very effective at preventing COVID-19 in a wide variety of settings across B.C. and will support a successful and safe  Read more ➝

New Image College: Planning for COVID-19 Case management, Contact Tracing, and Outbreak response   Mitigation Strategies New Image College is adhering to the following key mitigation strategies: Consistent and correct use of masks Social distancing to the extent possible Hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette Cleaning and disinfection Contact tracing in collaboration with the local health department Established Person  Read more ➝