Our Students Get Work

We have a long history and deep connections in the acting industry.

Below you’ll find more of that and here as well.

We Hosted The Cast of FREAKS

Local indie film FREAKS has become a sensation! Now is your chance to see it! New Image College was home to the cast and crew when this science fiction thriller was being prepared during the summer of 2017. FREAKS went on to become the biggest Canadian sale at TIFF in 2018, and is now coming out in theatres on Friday the 13th with a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes!

The opening weekend makes or breaks small indie films, and so New Image is organising a group of students and alumni to attend a special advanced screening of Freaks @ the Rio on the 11th, followed by an after-party with the cast and crew!

This screening counts towards the “opening gross” so it’s important as many of us attend as possible to help prove and promote what Canadian film can achieve! Buy tickets to the event by clicking here! Feel free to follow @freaksthefilm on Instagram and Twitter.


New Image College Film Acting Conservatory Instructor John Emmett Tracy, known for his roles in Fifty Shades FreediZombieThe BFGAltered CarbonContinuumThe Man in high Castle and many more, visited our booth at the PNE Fair!

Just comes to show that not only does New Image College foster a supportive educational community, it also has a culture of family. This is the place to be for some of the most positive growth experiences you could possibly ask for on your journey into acting. We are all one!!

NIC doing makeup @ PNE

Are you looking for something to do as the summer draws to a close?

Then come on down and join NIC at the PNE Fair! The Fair is a long standing end-of-summer tradition in Vancouver with can’t miss attractions and shows including Knights Jousting, Mechanical Bull Riding, “Live” Dinosaurs, Pig Races, the Strong Woman, Drag Shows, Agriculture Displays, Cooking Demonstrations, Superdogs, Reveen the Hypnotist, Summer Night Concerts, and all the Treats you can Eat! There’s also – as always – rides aplenty for those wild exciting moments to really get that summer vibe going!

So come on over and join in on the fun! We’re also on site having fun showing everyone what we can do at New Image College! Anything and everything ranging from cool Nail Art to Massages, all the way up to talks with some of our amazingly talented and successful Acting Students, and finally some awesome FREE Airbrush Tattoos and live Airbrush and SPFX demos!!

Don’t miss out on this amazing experience! For a map of the PNE, click right here.

Makeup Instructor extraordinaire, Jess Hawkins, was with us last week at the PNE Fair and did some amazing work demonstrating her mad makeup skills! Look down below to see the results of this very talented artist’s work as she reveals these two brilliant Pop Art Makeup do-overs!!

To see more of the amazing work our students and teachers have done, and CAN do, come on over to the PNE Fair! We are on site doing anything and everything ranging from cool Nail Art to Massages, all the way up to talks with some of our amazingly talented and successful Acting Students, and finally some awesome FREE Airbrush Tattoos and live Airbrush and SPFX demos!!

Helping You Connect With HBO and more

Our Film Acting Conservatory graduating class of 2019 had another great night of one on one with one of Canada’s finest talent agents, Nigel Mikoski.

Nigel owns the powerhouse Connekt Creative Agency which has recently connected clients with shows like HBO’s Westworld and Paramount’s Star Trek, and previously on CW’s Arrow, ABC’s The Good Doctor, and more!

What an exciting time for our acting students to visit with Nigel, a man with an amazing reputation for building acting careers! As you can see, NIC’s #1 Educational Experience will always do its very best to make sure Our Graduates Work!

Theatre Time

Our film groups practice hard through their studies, and now’s your chance to watch them in action for their 1st Year Theatre ProjectFilm Acting Conservatory students will be required to perform prepared scenes in front of a live audience. This takes courage and commitment. 

Complimentary Yoga Classes

NIC will be offering complimentary Yoga Classes for students every Tuesday starting on September 10th at 6:15 pm. All you are required to bring with you is your own mat, comfortable clothes and enthusiasm. Passionate about both film and yoga, Matreya Scarrwener is an actress and up and coming yoga teacher in Vancouver.

She is excited to share the benefits of the practice with her students. Yoga gives your body an opportunity to move and your mind an opportunity to be still. Two things we rarely get enough of in our busy lives. Come laugh, make mistakes, meditate and challenge yourself in a supportive and empowering environment.

If you’ve never done yoga before, maybe now is the time to give it a try. All levels welcome!

NIC @ The Van City Fringe Festival

Two of our extraordinary alumni Kate Ely and Nadya Debogroski are making themselves known in the Vancouver Art and Film scene.

Both worked hard while attending the New Image College Film Acting Conservatory program and, now they are creating work for themselves. Thanks to our number #1 educational experience we continue to guarantee that our graduates work!

Come down and support your NIC acting alumni by seeing one of their shows.

  • Junita Thiessen as Yoshio
  • Nadya Debogroski as Jitsuko
  • Maria Yanagisawa as Hanako

Premier Talent Agency Scouting For Talent @ NIC

Sarah Davis from Premiere Talent Management became this year’s first agent to visit with our Film Acting Conservatory graduating class of 2019. Our students did great! And this is only the beginning. We’ve got more in store for them as we put our students in touch with agents from across the Vancouver Film/Television acting community!

It’s Movie Night

It’s Movie Night and we’d love to invite you over to NIC for a full run of three amazing short films produced by New Image Entertainment, performed with talent from NIC’s Film Acting Conservatory and made to look spectacular with the help of our amazing Makeup students! There’ll be food and drinks, all that’s missing is you and anyone you’d like to bring with! Don’t miss this chance to come and see what we’ve got in store for you!
  • Blood Bleeds Blood: A spooky thriller starring our First-Year Acting Students. They worked closely with our Makeup Department on this dark film.
  • Alvin: This intense vampire film showcases the amazing work of our Makeup students. It also stars our acting alumni. 
  • Swansong: A Second-Year Grad Project with out acting students regarding a hitman who no longer wants to be part of the crime world.

NIC Spa students provide services for beauty event

Hudson’s Bay Company, hosts a beauty event in Vancouver for their Topshop Location at their downtown store.

Our amazing New Image students Mayra Celis and Rhiannan Baranyais from the Spa Technician program provided complimentary nail polish services during the event for customers.

Nail art and excellence in customer service are skills New Image College students learn. NIC always creating your Educational Experience.

Talk to a real actor

We are thrilled to announce our newest acting instructor Jessica McLeod to the New Image College Family. Jessica McLeod has been acting for an embarrassing amount of time (more than two-thirds of her life… ew) in the Vancouver film and television world.

Vancouver was like, fine, we’ll give her some Leo nominations (four as of 2019), and eventually a win for Best Lead Actress in a Feature Length Film (The Hollow Child). She writes, produces, and haphazardly directs shorts and web series every once in a while, and they somehow still let her act in real, actual productions.

NIC is looking forward to having this experienced actress sharing her knowledge and expertise with our young acting minds. Check out Jessica’s IMBd here

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Performance

Our students work hard to become some of the best actors out there, and now’s your chance to see what our great talents can achieve.
Our Film Acting Conservatory students will be performing“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare. This is where the acting student truly understands and gains command of the craft of acting.
Don’t miss them in action.

Teaching Not To Be Afraid

Where else can you see a picture of a group of strangers loving life and not afraid to let it all out there. At New image College Film Acting Conservatory program is where!

At NIC we teach you how not to be afraid , learn to become who you should be, Learn to work together in and ensemble, learn to work in a community with like minded actors from all around the world and most of all learn to ACT.

At New image it is all about your Educational Experience.

New Computer Lab

At New Image College, an actor’s work is never done!

Here we’re teaching this NIC acting group computer-related resources useful for when they are a student and even for once they become a professional actor.

A rock solid example is the latest resource we’ve partnered with at www.niclist.ca – a website made for students helping students.

Practice Makes Perfect

New Image College Film Acting Conservatory Program always puts our students to the test.

First Year Second module acting students perform in front of invited guests, alumni, and current NIC Acting students.

After only 21 weeks of training they are already performing complicated acting scenes. Our students Rock!!!

Our Instructor Nominated for A LEO

Our very own Amir Aghelnejad was nominated for Best Screenwriting for the Short DramaHomemade and present at the 2019 Leos with his lovely wife, Diana Wu! Amir has been a professional director and editor for over ten years and is known for Homemade (2018), The Devil’s Bill (2012) and Among Us (2017).

With stints as an MTV television segment producer and director of feature and short films. Amir is a multi-disciplinary creative artist with an extensive resumé. He also teaches at New Image College and has directed numerous short films and demo reels, and leads New Image Entertainment through which hundreds of amazing shorts have been produced!

Although Homemade was not this year’s winner, we are incredibly proud to have this incredibly artistic and skillful individual with the NIC Family! We are honoured by his constant dedication to our Film Acting programs and we are absolutely certain this brilliant man will be awarded in the future for his amazing screenplays, direction and creative vision!

Our Head of Acting wins a LEO!

Phil Granger (Head of our Acting Department) has just been awarded for his Best Supporting Performance in the Motion PictureWoodland at the 2019 Leo Awards!!!

His talent just keeps shining through and through with each role he takes on in an amazing career that deserves nothing less than the recognition of a true star and an incredible human being!

If you were looking for a rock solid reason for diving into your Film Acting career, rest assured this man is a solid educational and professional pillar sustaining and leading some of the best acting programs out there!

NIC @ The Leos

New Image College Acting Department head Philip Granger will be presenting during the 2019 LEO AWARDS GALA! Not only is Phil an amazing teacher and the best Acting Department head that New Image could possibly ask for, but he is also a multitalented actor that has guided hundreds of students onto their creative paths, winning accolades and awards along with several nominations throughout his career!

The latest of which is his very own Leo nomination which you can read all about on our post: Phil Granger is on fire!

Join us for a round of applause for this great night that will see him in action sharing great moments with amazing talents working in the Film Industry!

Phil Granger at Delview Secondary’s “The Drowsy Chaperone”

New Image CollegeFilm Acting Conservatory Department Head Philip Granger attended“The Drowsy Chaperone”at Delview Secondary School and was delighted to see what their bright young talents brought to their amazing play.

New Image College likes to support the work of young people and is always happy to participate in any activities that support their creative development! What an incredible production! Congratulations Delview Secondary School Drama Department.

Philip Granger teaches a Michael Chekhov workshop at Killarney Secondary

New Image College reaches out and offers Master workshop. Here we have NIC acting department head Philip Granger leading a Michael Chekhov movement workshop for the grade 12 drama class at Killarney Secondary School.

The Killarney drama department reached out to NIC and asked if we could come and do some work that would help the drama students physically find the characters they are portraying in their spring fever production.

It was a very inspiring day.

Our students perform ‘Red’ by John Logan

Our students work hard to become some of the best actors out there, and now’s your chance to see what our great talents can achieve. Our Film Acting Conservatory students will be performing “Red” by John Logan.
This is where the acting student truly understands and gains command of the craft of acting. Don’t miss them in action.
“There is only one thing I fear in life, my friend… One day the black will swallow the red.”
Mark Rothkois in his New York studio in 1958/59, having been commissioned to paint a group of murals for the expensive and exclusiveFour Seasons restaurant. He gives orders to his assistant, Ken, as he mixes the paints, makes the frames, and paints the canvases. Ken, however, brashly questions Rothko’s theories of art and his acceding to work on such a commercial project. For his part, Rothko dislikes the rise ofpop art.
Ultimately, Rothko stops working on the project and decides to return the money. He explains to Ken that the Four Seasons is an inappropriate place for his murals to be seen.

Our Head of NIC Entertainment get Nominated for a LEO

Our very own Amir Aghelnejad, known to us as an excellent screenwriter, director, producer and head of New Image Entertainment, has been nominated for Best Screenwriting for the Short DramaHomemade! Amir has been a professional director and editor for over ten years and is known for Homemade (2018), The Devil’s Bill (2012) and Among Us (2017). With stints as an MTV television segment producer and director of feature and short films. Amir is a multi-disciplinary creative artist with an extensive resumé.

He also teaches at New Image College and has directed numerous short films and demo reels. He has been a constant source of inspiration and pride to New Image through a career filled with passion and dedication that he has also constantly imbued his own students with.

As head of New Image Entertainment, he has helped guide countless students and alumni to their very first IMDB credits through their participation in short films and projects that speak volumes to his artistic skill and guidance. As always, we are very proud to have the pleasure of working with skilled talents such as Amir, and we are honoured by his constant dedication with the talented students that come through our doors as part of the Film Acting programs we teach here at New Image College.

Philip Nominated Again

Recently awarded a Badass Award, our very own Philip Granger (Head of our Acting Department) continues to prove himself again and again as a superb actor and director with a career that not only shines from the diversity of roles and productions he has been involved in, but that is also an example that he constantly shares with kindness, dedication, focus and passion that can only be paralleled by a few.

Phil has taught – and guided our Acting Instructors as well – for years at New Image College, and we could hope for no greater example to the many students and teachers that come through our doors.

We are ecstatic about his most recent nomination to the 2019 Leo Awards for Best Supporting Performance in the Motion Picture Woodland.

If ever you found yourself wondering whether or not we have the talent here at New Image to help you each reach your professional and creative goals, look no further, because we have superheroes just like Phil right around the corner waiting for you on the amazing journey into Film Acting.

Shakespeare Time

New Image College Film Acting Conservatory First Year theatre production of “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare was a smash success. The NIC acting students crushed the play receiving standing ovations every night.
What a wonderful feeling for our students to know that the hard work they put into it paid off. These experiences only create confident capable. actors. At NIC we are here to create your Educational Experience.
Thanks for joining us for this amazing experience. We hope to see you at our next plays!

1960’s Makeup Tips

Wow Does Keely Anderson, one of our NIC instructors, garner a group of makeup students! Our Makeup Fundamentals Instructor put on quite a show for our students who even got their phones out and videoed this amazing demo of an amazing 1960’s “Twiggy Eye” makeup.

Twiggy Eye is when two sets of lashes are used on the upper lid, and cake liner is used to draw on lashes at the lower lash line. It’s always great fun to see when Keely has the attention of everyone and their phones in producing spectacular makeup for her subjects.

This is how it is done here at NIC. Learn what you Love!!!

Phil Wins An Award

Our very own Phil Granger has been Awarded Best Supporting Actor for his role in the movie Ami! Phil’s been a constant source of ongoing quality acting and directing for years, guiding countless students onto their creative paths deftly.

We are incredibly proud of his win during the 2019 Fifth Annual Vancouver Badass Film Festival! Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Cassie has become a recluse ever since her mother died in a horrible car accident.

In an effort to fill the void, she downloads the latest intelligent personal assistant A.M.I., which is also the first to have a real consciousness.

Their relationship quickly deepens into a twisted co-dependency and Cassie falls deeper and deeper under A.M.I.’s spell; driving her to perform what Cassie perceives as justifiable murderous acts. But what are A.M.I.’s true intentions? Soon Cassie begins to realize A.M.I. has something sinister planned.