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Hosting A Makeup Contest

NIC had the pleasure of holding a Makeup Contest on March 27, 2019 for Paramount Pictures’ Pet Sematary, coming to theatres on April 5th, 2019. With the assistance of Vancouver TV and their amazing Pet Sematary car, Makeup Artists from among our students and alumni had some fun and got to show off their amazing skills creating unique and intricate pieces for this truly mind blowing contest.
Winners were awarded tickets to the advance screening AND we’ve awarded a $200 FIRST PLACE cash prize to our first place winner, none other than Andrea Manuel, whom we asked what her inspiration and process was for her surprising piece on Church, the cat from Pet Sematary:
My interpretation of “Church” the Creed’s family cat was constructed on a latex and cotton piece; I modified the nose and cheek bones for a really basic and rough piece, but when the hair layering comes on top I hid the edges, giving it an entirely different shape to the face, bringing it all together.
The idea of the neon eyes helped modify the natural human shape and added a creepier and more intense look.
It was really an experiment since I didn’t make any tests beforehand, but luckily it all worked out.
With everything we have learned throughout the school program, all the basic knowledge is set, then it’s really up to everyone to combine, modify and adapt every technic and process to achieve the look you have in mind.
We are amazed by your work Andrea, and we hope to see even more amazing pieces from your artful hands in the future! To see her brilliant piece, feel free to check out the following images:
We hope you’ll join us for many more events like this in the future! Special thanks to Vancouver TV and Paramount Pictures, and especially all of the truly talented students that participated in this contest! You are an absolute SUCCESS!

FREE Movie Night

It’s Movie Night and we’d love to invite you over to NIC for a full run of three amazing short films produced by New Image Entertainment, performed with talent from NIC’s Acting Conservatory, and led by our rocking directors Amir Aghelnejad and Phil Granger. There’ll be food and drinks, all that’s missing is you and anyone you’d like to bring with! Don’t miss this chance to come and see what we’ve got in store for you!
  • Looking for Emma
  • Stuck on Earth
  • Promotion
  • To Be Like You

Come to our Play

Our Acting Conservatory students work hard to become some of the best actors out there, and they more than proved that with the incredibly successful run ofCraig March‘s amazing adaptation ofCarmen Aguirre‘sBlue Box! Our full cast presented a normally single-cast play with professionalism, talent, and poise, bringing new dimensions and tonalities to Aguirre’s already great play.
Some of the reviews they received were:
Beautiful work”, “Awesome!”, “Didn’t know how you would take a one-person show and turn it into a play for an 11 member cast, but it was done brilliantly!”
From the Playwright, Carmen Aguirre:
“I had the pleasure of watching a dress rehearsal of my play Blue Box today at New Image College. Beautiful work by the students and amazing directorial vision by Craig March.”
From fellow instructor, Mackenzie Gray:
“The show was terrific”
From alumnus, Roberto Gutierrez:
“Congrats! You guys killed opening night!”
Lynn Mockler, audience member:
“Great work by these young actors with their very inspired direction and director! Bravo Craig!!”
From current student, Jarod Marcil:
If you missed our students in action this time around, make sure you come to our next play, coming soon! Keep your eyes pealed on our NIC Event Calendar and here on the Community page for all upcoming events! It would be an honour and a pleasure to have you!
About Blue Box:
Six years after fleeing the 1973 military coup in Chile, eleven-year-old Carmen Aguirre and her family return to join the underground resistance. At eighteen, Carmen commits herself to the movement, running a safe house on the border between Chile and Argentina.
Forfeiting her first marriage to the pressures of revolutionary life, and living with the ever-present fear of capture and torture, Carmen realizes the sacrifices she who unconditionally loves the cause must make.
Fifteen years later, in Los Angeles, Carmen once again unconditionally gives everything of herself – for love of a different kind. She begins a sexually passionate but emotionally impossible relationship with a handsome Chicano TV star whom she pursues as relentlessly as she herself was once hunted.
Emphasizing the tensions between these two modalities of loving, Aguirre’s sexy, fast-paced, and darkly comic monologue ultimately asks: Between the extremes of love for the political cause and love for another, how and where does one create space for self-love?

It’s Movie Time

New Image College is proud to announce that one of our instructors, our very ownTricia Collins,will be presenting the film Clinchat the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival for its Canadian Premiere! Tricia wrote and directed Clinch, which had an excellent World Premiere in Ireland last fall! We hope you can join her for this amazing event! More onClinchbelow:
Clinch explores the connection between Shawna and Rudy, two professional boxers. As they train together, they fall in love and develop a tender romance that forms a sharp contrast to their competitive relationship in the ring.
Will the sport that brought them together be their demise?
Tricia will be present for both the short film and its Q&A, as well as for the Artist Talk in the theatre at 2pm! Don’t miss the opportunity to catch her during this amazing Film Festival!
New Image College is not responsible for these events. Please review any ticketing requirements and space limitations directly at the event website.


We want to thank all our wonderful students and alumni for a fantastic year!
With so many of you who have come from around the world to be part of the #NICCommunity, we were thrilled to have you join our holiday celebration! Here are some of the great photos from the night!

 To download all the pictures click here: Download Make sure to tag: @newimagecollege on Facebook / Instagram Shout out to NIC Alumni @robertolanzasactor who lost 10 pounds in sweat by playing #Santa! Thanks, @zecampos01 for the awesome photos and @andysoulentertainment for the pumping toons! We look forward to seeing you all in 2019! Thanks!

Time For Rehearsals


New Image College’s Second Year Conservatory Film Acting students are well on their way and rehearsing their final play after two years of training.

Not only are they excited to have their hard work finally showcased, but excited to have it showcased in front of talent agents, casting directors, producers, film directors and of course, their peers! Take a look below at some great shots from the rehearsals!


Our Students Are Busy Filming

New Image Film Acting Conservatory students have been busy on location, filming scenes at the NIC Film Centre! Why do we have students film themselves in a professional setting? Well, after filming, our team of instructors review the films and make notes.

We then work with students by asking them questions such as: Would you cast yourself? Was your work strong enough? An exercise like this allows our students to be accountable and honest to themselves. It prepares and equips them with real world, hands on experience.

Ultimately, we want our students to commit to taking risks and always ensure they are unpredictable, exciting and original!

Our Graduates work!

The Prosthetics Module

NIC Fashion and Film Make-up Design students can be seen here learning how to live cast in our prosthetics module! In this module, students learn how to take facial impressions on their models.

They then finish the process with pouring plaster to complete an exact replica of the model! This is a very important step that takes place before sculpting.

This hands-on experience allows our students to effectively learn how to cast and sculpt prosthetic pieces, allowing them to enter into the TV and Film Makeup Industry!

Brand New Computer Lab

New Image College is committed to bringing the best for our students, which now includes a new Computer Lab! Our students have been using the new lab as a tool to further succeed in their education and career.

Access to these computers and the right programs, allow our students, Makeup and Special Effects in particular, to work on editing photos for their portfolios and projects! Merging technology, along with our hands on technology is just another way New Image College is helping our students get ahead and get the most from their education!

As a career development tool, our students use the lab to work on their portfolios, resumes, completing job searches (in addition to our daily updated job board) and researching current industry trends to keep them up to date in the workforce.

Career development is an integral component to ensuring our Graduates are work and career ready when they leave our campus. Having the right tools to make that a reality is what we strive for here at New Image College!

Our Makeup Students Are At It Again

Our amazing students from the NIC Fashion and Film Makeup Design program are seen here creating their best Alex Box looks! Alex Box is known for creating some of her recognized Editorial and Catwalk looks by having her canvases on the floor.

Internationally acclaimed Alex Box’s cutting-edge innovations is an inspiration to all Fashion Make-up Artists who strive to be the best.

Striving to be the best you can be is instilled in every one of our students through NIC’s philosophies and supported by our instructors who are here to make sure every student reaches their full potential.

Rehearsing A Theatre Project

The Second Year Students of the highly recognized New Image College Film Acting Conservatory have been extremely busy!

They are currently rehearsing their final second year theatre project. For two years, these students have worked very hard and rigorously at perfecting their craft.

It is our pleasure to invite you all to see them perform in Judith Thompson’s gritty drama, Lion In The Streets.

We are so excited to have this production running at our campus and we encourage you all to come support our great students!

NIC @ The Gateway Theatre

New Image College had the pleasure of taking our hard-working students for a field trip to the famous Gateway Theatre recently! Twenty lucky Television & Film students enjoyed seeing NIC’s very own Raugi Yu, in the hit, sold out comedy “How I Lost My Husband”.

The students were then treated to a backstage meet & greet with Raugi, as well as the Artistic Director of the Ruby Slippers Theatre Company, topping of a wonderful and inspiring evening! In other exciting news this week, the New Image College 2nd Year Conservatory Acting students are filming their advanced film project and web series, “Home-Made”.

This is an exciting opportunity for our students, supported by New Image College and our entire team. Take a peek at the photos below from these two great events!

Coleen Christie Was Here

New Image College had the pleasure of pampering the beautiful and amazing Coleen Christie, Global TV’s New Anchor. Coleen visited NIC SPA on Granville and indulged in a 60-minute back massage . Colleen left relaxed and rejuvenated . Coleen mentioned “she would like to make this a regular occurrence”. We would love to have her return to NIC SPA for some relaxing “Coleen” time. Spa Technician Program

Get Your Demo Reel

The most recent film project for our second-year conservatory acting students is called “DEMO REEL PROJECT.” This is one of the most important tools that a new actor entering into the film acting world needs. An example of their acting skills shot in 4 k. Agents and Casting Directors want to see good scenes of new actors, so that’s what we do.

The class works as a TEAM, creating the sets, shooting, lighting, wardrobe, sound and the results are breath taking. Each clip of our NIC Film students demo reel scenes look amazing and the work is compelling. After filming we edit the scenes together do post sound. The result is a a demo reel that our students can send to directors, casting, producers, agents etc…and get noticed!!

Drag Module? Absolutely!

Check out this amazing transformation! This is our Best Queen Contest winner @identity.shift putting her skills to practice after the Drag module of our Fashion and Film Makeup Design Program. Thanks to @itaintbrogan, our Film Acting Conservatory student, who volunteered to sit on her chair and become a beautiful lady.

Don’t miss out on this upcoming Open House at New Image College!

Watch a live Makeup demo, get a mini Manicure & Pedicure & enjoy some light refreshments while discovering the unbelievable courses we have to offer to get you started in your future dream career. 

Hosting the Editor of Cosmetic Proof

The NIC Spa on Granville was lucky enough to host the editor of Cosmetic Proof, and her husband for some Spa treatments over the weekend! As the editor of Cosmetic Proof, she is a skincare expert, and enjoys facials monthly.

I adore getting facials every month as a way of relaxing and giving my skin the boost I can’t on my own. I LOVE getting extractions done and that is something I DEFINITELY don’t want to be doing myself at home! Scarring? No, thank you. Facials, massages, pedicures and manicures, while good for the soul, aren’t great for the wallet with my most expensive facial being $200 for one hour.

Now, what if I told you that tucked away on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver is the NIC Spa where ALL of the services are just $20? Unbelievable right? Well, last week my husband and I decided to find out what this place was all about! NIC Spais the newest addition to the New Image College downtown campus, a post-secondary institute specializing in esthetics, film and makeup artistry.

The NIC Spa menu (here) ranges from basic manis and pedis to facials with AHA peels so you really can get a full body treatment for under $100! The services are all performed by advanced level students who I felt were no different than other estheticians I had experienced. If nothing was mentioned to me, I wouldn’t have known because the women we had knew exactly what they were doing!

I booked my husband and I a 30 minute massage and a 90 minute Anti-Aging Facial which included a Hydradermie treatment. The latter is actually $40 because we combined the services, but still an AMAZING price considering the treatment we received.My husband’s esthetician was Tracy while mine was Helgameh.

Both were very professional, personable and gave these amazing arm massages which I would go back for ALONE! My poor husband didn’t really know what he was in for and took offense to the fact that I had requested an anti-aging facial for him!

Since we went in on a Sunday, there was only one class in session that day which meant there weren’t a lot of people there. It was fairly quiet save for the live music from the restaurant patio downstairs, but there was a Saje diffuser happily filling our room with something relaxing.

After a brief consult, we climbed into our separate beds and though I kept looking over to make sure my husband was ok, I quickly settled into Helgameh’s glorious back, arm and neck massage and tried my best to stay awake so that I could write all of this down!

For the facial, we received a combination of the NIC and Hydradermie Facial with the latter using positive and negative ions to increase and enhance absorption of serums, masks and moisturizers. The idea is that this type of stimulation opens up the “water channels” of the cells which also allows for an intense boost of hydration to the face. I have had this done once before and your face looks plump and feels bouncy for days!

The Hydradermie Facial uses metal ball “rollers” rolled methodically across your face and though there is a small electric charge coming out of them, I did not feel a thing. Honestly, having the metal balls massaging your face is the most relaxing thing because there is a roller for each side of your face so it is done symmetrically and rhythmically. I fell asleep a few times because it was just so soothing.

After this was done came a moisturizing mask followed by serum, eye cream and moisturizer from the skincare company Guinot along with tons of facial massage in between. I did not receive any intensive exfoliation as I had had an AHA peel just four days prior.

Both my husband and I opted for a head massage at the end of the facial (you can choose an arm massage as well) which of course felt amazing, but left me with the biggest hair I have ever had! With my hair being so dry from going blue, it is quite coarse and tends to tangle easily so let’s just say that all I could do was throw my hair up in a bun!

My skin was glowing and intensely moisturized at the end of our session while the husband’s skin was a bit red from extractions. His skin looked glowy and very plump though so I reassured him that he would be fine to go to work the next day.

Funnily enough, he ran into an old friend and his friend actually commented on how his skin was looking “kinda glowy”! I would hands down go back to NIC Spa to get the Hydradermie Facial again and try something else on their menu like one of their body treatments.

I also cannot get over their prices because I’m pretty sure I would have paid at least $150 for the Hydradermie Facial alone had I gotten it done elsewhere! My husband and I were very pleased with the service and the only thing I would have probably changed is maybe a shorter facial because 90 minutes lying down is a long time!

The NIC Spa is certainly not the typical spa environment where everyone speaks in hushed tones and the lights are dim. It is a school and bustling with activity most days, but honestly after going to the more fro spas for years where exits aren’t clearly labeled because they never want you to leave and relax FOREVER, I can get on board with a more relaxed environment!

Book your appointment at the NIC Spa today! Visit Cosmetic Proof here for more reviews.

Thank You To Our Partners

New Image College wanted to give back to our partners who work with us all year. Thank you to everyone who came to our NIC event on March 30th, 2017. International agents, spa owners, heads of film makeup departments, casting directors, acting talent agents, film directors, producers, and actors.

All like-minded people who excel in their fields. What a fun night it was! With a cartoonist rendering drawings of guests, poker and roulette games with great prizes to win, spa treatments, dancing, amazing food, and an open bar. Our guests were able to relax and have fun.

We are grateful to have so many wonderful people in our lives. Thank you for coming and we look forward to seeing everybody at next year’s event! One of the other services for you to take advantage of is our $20 NIC Spa on Granville services.

Hopefully, you got to take some time at the party to get a Mini Mani or Mini Pedi. Take a minute to view our menu and book yourself a YOU day. Alison*elle, one of the lower mainland’s Beauty Bloggers, received some services and wrote a great review about NIC Spa on Granville and the meaning of not overpaying for self-care. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon!

We Hosted Alison Elle

The NIC Spa on Granville was lucky enough to host lawyer and avid blogger alison*elle for some luxury spa treatments. This is what she had to say about her experience.


As an avid spa goer (I was just at the Scandinave Spa a few weeks ago, got massages at the Willow Stream Spa this past weekend, and have a trip planned to the Kingfisher Oceanside Resort and Spa three weeks from now), I am obviously a big fan of self care. However, I’m also cognizant of the fact that regular spa trips like these can cost a lot of money… where’s a girl on a budget to go if she wants to treat herself? 

Well, if you’re in Vancouver, you need to check out NIC Spa where you can get treatments for a mere $20! These are full service treatments too; think AHA peels, facials, manis, pedis, and 30 minute massages. You can also pay a bit more for deluxe treatments or add-ons. 

NIC Spa recently opened at the New Image College campus on Granville Street, one of Canada’s leading accredited post-secondary institutions for esthetics and makeup artistry.

Because the services are typically performed by advanced students of the college, they are able to offer treatments at an affordable rate. I was invited to try them out for myself and ended up getting a deluxe manicure and pedicure.

My aesthetician, Doris, was very friendly and put me at ease right away. Since I own my own tools and hundreds of bottles of nail polish (hello, I’m a beauty blogger), I mainly do my own nails at home but every once in a while, I like to get them done professionally. I had some very dry cuticles that needed taking care of and Doris spent a lot of time getting my nails in tip-top shape. 

The deluxe mani/pedi combo includes a paraffin wax treatment which I’ve only ever done once before. If you’ve never tried this, I cannot recommend it enough.

It seems a bit weird to stick your hands and feet into bags of hot wax but the result is seriously silky smooth skin. Such a treat! I also received a hot stone massage on my legs and reflexology which ended my night on a very relaxed note.

Since the spa is located inside an educational institution, it’s not a place I’d pick for a luxurious spa day. But for the price, I’d say expecting fountains, expansive views, and heated beds with remote controls would be quite unreasonable.

With the cost savings, you can treat yourself to more services instead! Besides, they did have music playing and I felt very comfortable in my IKEA POÄNG chair (such a classic, haha).

I think I’d liken the atmosphere to a basic nail salon (for the nail services), and had a peek into the massage/facial rooms which were fairly low frills as well but still seemed comfortable. Address: 987 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC Website: https://www.nicspa.ca Thank you alison*elle! You are welcome back anytime!! Visit her blog here https://www.alison-elle.com/search/label/reviews.

Letter From Fraser Corbett

New Image Conservatory Acting Students: This is the benchmark you all want to strive for. Where you inspire your teachers! This is sage advice from one of the industry’s very best Fraser Corbett.

This was a letter that was included for the action actor students of the group 47. The instructor Fraser Corbett reached out to inspire them as they inspired him. Both students and teacher strived for excellence.

“DEAR GROUP 47, Your amazing work ethic and eagerness to learn and participate was truly inspiring. It gives me great hope that our industry will have not only talented but kind, respectful, keen, and loving actors joining our community when you graduate.

I would like to impress upon you to push yourselves and your tribe to be the best version of yourself. Always strive for a healthier, harder working, even more, positive version of yourself. And remember there are thousands of actors in this city, be the hardest working and you will work. I know I said I wouldn’t grade you…

I think grades are just a silly letter or number, and when it comes to measuring an actor’s talent I think the only honest evaluation comes from within the actor themselves. When you really do the work (a lot of work) and commit to your task or scene or story or fight or whatever only you truly know whether you gave it 100% or not and that I think is the only way to measure your performance. And maybe by the number of tomatoes you dodge after a show.

That being said, you are attending a very high-class school that has to abide by certain standards that require me to grade you… I wish you all the best of luck with much success, continue to work hard, and be thirsty for knowledge and skills you can add to your bag of tricks. Breathe, roll your shoulders back, and be 2 inches taller. And make it about your partner(s) or the other person, make it about the story, make it about the world around, not about yourself.” Cheers, Fraser Corbett

Christina Aparri Wins

And clearly the answer is CHRISTINA APARRIChristina is the lucky and highly talented winner of the Gemini Man Makeup Competition first prize! To see the amazing Before & After Old Age Makeup work that Christina produced, have look at the gallery below! To see more of her truly stellar work in general, please visit her Instagram by clicking on her name above or by visiting https://www.instagram.com/christinaaparri/

Our Nail Students Killed It

Congratulations to our very creative winners: 1st Place winner, Mojgan (@cuttie_nails); 2nd Place Winner, Anahita(@ananilzzzz); and our 3rd Place winner Ayuka (@nailsbyayuka)! Feel free to visit their Instagram portfolios to see more of what these artists can do and how to reach out to them by clicking on the @ link next to their names, and scroll on down to see the photos of the really fun artwork they put together for this competition!

Gemini Man Movie Competition

“Who Will Save You From Yourself”

NIC and Paramount Pictures are looking to promote the movie Gemini Man with your Best Before & After (Young to Old) Make Up.

1) Supply us with a Before and 30 years After pic of your model. You can use cream or Latex.

2) Your model should be holding a card showing the date you took the picture.

3) Send your submission to beproud@newimage.ca and post on Instagram tagging @GeminiManMovie, #GeminiMan, @NewImageCollege, #Newimagecontest and your Instagram account with your hashtags too!

Prizes: The Winner will receive $200 and their very own Paramount Pictures Prize Pack including Gemini Man movie swag!!!

Make sure to follow all of the makeup and submission guidelines to qualify for this contest. All submissions must be in by October 4th. For examples of Before & After Old Age Makeup, feel free to visit some of the work of our talented students on Instagram: Hiroki Sakai, Christina Aparri, Marie-Pier Couturier and Sakura Oyama (2).

NIC hosts the amazing 2019 Bloody Brushes Makeup Competition!

The BB Competition was nothing less than an incredible success!

The contestants hashed it out demonstrating some truly amazing artistic skills creating very interesting cyborg inventions that were constantly being watched by a lively crowd that just wanted a chance to see all the magic happen!

Click on the video below to get a glimpse of what went on at this extraordinary event. We hope to see all of you participating in next year’s 2020 Bloody Brushes competition!

NIC Takes 1st Place for Character/Prosthetics


NIC is thrilled to say that for the 4th time our hardworking students have taken home “1st Place” for Character/Prosthetic creation!

The 2017 International Make-up Artist Trade Show provided a fantastic year for our students. The event is the most prestigious of its kind, allowing graduating/graduated makeup students to compete against each other in the “Battle of the Brushes” – gaining critique from top industry heavyweights and international exposure for their work.

NIC is thrilled that we were able to sponsor all students/alumni who were accepted into official competition. The school was a buzz when it was officially announced that two NIC students, Elise Adams and Kiana Larson were chosen to compete in the “Character/Prosthetic” category – a category with only 8 applicants!

Kiana Larson

Raised in Hawaii, Kiana traveled to Vancouver, Canada to attend New Image College’s Fashion and Film Makeup Design program. After graduating successfully, Kiana continued on and was accepted into NIC’s one-of-a-kind Cutting Edge: Advanced Prosthetics program. With her advanced training in airbrushing, sculpting, and an atmosphere that allowed her to create her own characters from scratch, Kiana was prepared for the success she would later receive at IMATS.

Kiana’s modified alien creation was inspired by this years theme of “Guardians of the Galaxy”, with her fellow NIC alumni, Roberto Lanzes bringing the character to life, the pair excelled in their creation and took home 1st Place!
To see post-win interview visit: Interview

Elise Adams

First discovering NIC at one of our community event, Elise Adams graduated from New Image College’s Fashion and Film Makeup Design program.

After completing successfully, Elise wanted to continue to hone her sculpting and creative talents, inspiring her to apply for NIC’s Cutting Edge: Advanced Prosthetics program.

Being encouraged by NIC apply for IMATS 2017, Elise was thrilled to be officially accepted as part of the 8 competitors in the “Battle of the Brushes” Character/Prosthetics creation category.

“NIC really helped me apply for IMATS. They encouraged me and made more confident in my skills… they were super excited [for me] and supportive!… It really went a long way to help the creature come together!”

To see Elise Adams full interview about her IMATS experience visit: Interview

Get Ready For Our Instagram Makeup Contest

With the release of two new movies to hit the silver screen, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse and Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, New Image College has 2 awesome prize groups to win.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
1 2x pass to scouts guide
1 t-shirt
1 baseball cap
1 collapsable cup
1 head lamp


Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
2x passes for 4 people to
paranormal activity 3d
1 PA shirt
1 PA flashlight
1 PA webcam
1 PA cup


Contest Rules:

Create one of two makeup looks:

• Paranormal Activity

• Zombie Makeup Post to Instagram!

Rules: 1. You must follow @newimagecollege

2. When uploading you must include the hashtags #newimagecollege, #newimagemakeupcontest, #vancouvermakeupartist

3. You must hashtag #PARANORMALACTIVITY or #SCOUTSVSZOMBIES depending on the look you chose

** Follow these simple rules or you will be disqualified

DEADLINE: The competition starts October 9th, ending October 15th

You must be uploaded and all hashtags attached by October 15th at midnight.

Judging will be on 16th October.

NIC Halloween Party Competition

Congratulations to our very creative winners: 1st Place winner, Mojgan (@cuttie_nails); 2nd Place Winner, Anahita(@ananilzzzz); and our 3rd Place winner Ayuka (@nailsbyayuka)! Feel free to visit their Instagram portfolios to see more of what these artists can do and how to reach out to them by clicking on the @ link next to their names, and scroll on down to see the photos of the really fun artwork they put together for this competition!