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Maddy Was At Our Spa

Lifestyle blogger Maddy Loves stopped by The NIC Spa on Granville to receive a facial and a massage by one of our wonderful aestheticians Doris. Maddy raved about how effective her treatment was and was delighted by the fantastic affordability offered by The NIC Spa on Granville located in Downtown Vancouver.

Maddy concluded her experience with thoughts of returning with a group of friends to indulge in the fantastic spa treatments together, highly recommending The NIC Spa on Granville to readers. Maddy is welcome back anytime! Continue reading for more on Maddy’s experience.

Experience: super affordable facial and massage at NIC Spa in Vancouver

Last week, I was invited to experience the ultra affordable NIC Spa in Vancouver. NIC Spa is a spa that was opened by New Image College, a training institution located in Downtown Vancouver for those aspiring makeup artists, aestheticians, and more.

The people who work at the NIC Spa are fully accredited grads from New Image College, with the purpose of providing them additional experience and opportunities to grow in their careers. The NIC Spa is located on the premises of New Image College, conveniently located on Granville between Smithe and Nelson, just a few minutes from several skytrain stops.

The menu at NIC Spa is super simple. It offers facials, massages, and manicure and pedicures. The price point? $20 for each type of service. Yes you read that right, TWENTY friggin DOLLARS! I was invited to try out a facial and massage. My entire service lasted just under 2 hours, and it would have cost me around $200-300 at another spa, but at NIC Spa it would only be $40 (plus tax and tip, of course).

The treatment rooms are essentially the treatment rooms used for classroom teaching, and there are a number of beds in one room, with curtains dividing each bed. When I was there, there was no one else but me in the entire room, so it was quiet and private.

The multi-bed rooms actually make it perfect for when you and your friends want to indulge in a spa party. While at most other spas, this wouldn’t be possible because there’s at most 2 beds in a room, you can seriously have a great time, perhaps for your friend’s bachelorette party?

My aesthetician was Doris. She started me face down for my massage first. I opted for an aromatherapy Swedish massage. Doris’s pressure was firm, and I could feel the stress relieved through my body. She definitely used copious amounts of oil to make sure that the strokes were smooth and easy on my body.

After she cleansed my skin and removed my makeup, she did a skin analysis to help identify the state of my skin and the type of treatment I needed. She and I both concluded that I have dry skin (surprise, surprise), and that I needed some extra hydration.

In addition to an exfoliating mask, she also used a moisturizing mask, plus plenty of facial, neck, head, and shoulder massage. While I felt like she was a tiny bit rough compared to other facial experiences I had, I was still pretty happy with it just because of the affordability, and also my skin felt pretty damn nice after I left. The most important part of a facial is how effective it is, isn’t that right?

While I wouldn’t say it was the most luxurious or relaxing spa experience, it was seriously a fantastic value for just $20 for each service.

I can opt to have an entire spa day, pampering my body, face, fingers, and toes, for under $100, and that’s amazing in a city where it’s becoming harder and harder to afford anything but the necessities. I’ve recommended this spa to a number of my friends, and I can see myself gathering friends to come here for spa parties as well.

I highly recommend checking out NIC Spa, located at:
987 Granville St
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L3
(604) 685 8842

Book online here

All treatments are offered for only $20.00!

Call 604-685-8842 to make an appointment.


She Wrote About Us

Check out this great article about The NIC Spa on Granville written by Vancouver’s self-pronounced frugalistista Dianne. Dianne is no stranger to luxury treatments and is sure to never sacrifice quality when looking for a deal. She stopped by for some $20.00 spa treatments.
Follow the link below to see what she has to say about her experience at The NIC Spa on Granville!
Book yourself an appointment at the NIC Spa to take advantage of these super affordable spa treatments yourself here!

Private Training in Session

The students had a private training session with an Educational Trainer from Guinot. Guinot is the skin care line we use at NIC Spa. It is from Paris, France and is a favorite amongst our clients. The students were trained on how to use the Hydradermie Machine (electrotherapy machine), and on all specific gels and serums. It looks like they had fun!

Our Student Wins First Place

Makeup graduate Lily Krank wins first place in Prosthetic Makeup at Londons IMATS’s Battle of the Brushes this past July. Her natural creativity and determination classified her student projects as ‘above and beyond” expected. We are proud to have had Lily’s beautiful personality and tenacity here at New Image College. 

Congratulations on all your success, Lily!

A Full Body Makeup Contest

Replicate Cursed Samaras full body makeup and win lots of cash and tickets to the pre-screening of the, RINGS scary movie! Samara is a stringy-haired ghost girl with supernatural powers.

1st prize – (best full body makeup and hair) $200.00 and 6 movie tickets

2nd prize – (whoever gets the most likes on their Instagram and face book posts) $100.00 and 4 movie tickets

Must include Hashtags: #newimagecontest, #newimagemakeup, #vancouvermakeup, #vancouvermakeupschool, #newimagecollege, #rings

Submit all images by Jan 30th

Pre-screening shows Feb 01st @ 7:00pm @ the Scotia theatre downtown Vancouver.

Meaghan Teaching Up A Storm

Our amazing Spa teacher Meaghan, is instructing her skin care students on how to perform extractions for a deep cleansing on the face. They will follow with a mask, and facial massage. All of our spa treatments are $20.00 now, so book in before the Christmas Holidays!

WIN TICKETS to a PRE-Screening


1st prize – 4 tickets
2nd prize – 2 tickets

WIN MOVIE TICKETS to see the Pre SCREENING of “Office Christmas Party” at the theater playing Dec 7th 2016. https://www.officechristmasparty.com/ INSTAGRAM CONTEST: Create a 1 minute or less Christmas Comedy and win four passes to Paramount Pictures “OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY” Let your imaginations fly. It could be the bad gift or the drunk relative, office party gone bad, ANYTHING! Shoot it on your phone and post it on Instagram by December 5th . Winner selected December 6th HashTag:#newimagecollege#christmastree#VanCity#actorslife#livingthedream#filmmaking Passes are for December 7th 2016


1st prize – 4 tickets
2nd prize – 2 tickets

WIN MOVIE TICKETS to see the Pre SCREENING of “Office Christmas Party” at the theater playing Dec 7th 2016. https://www.officechristmasparty.com/ All you have to do is post 5 of your best pictures on Instagram, from Beauty Makeup to Prosthetic Arts to Nail Art Design. Make sure you hash tag#newimagecollege#NIC#officechristmasparty,#makeupforever#macmakeup#uglysweater,#sephora in order to get a chance at the advance screening passes (and maybe even merchandise) to see the movie. Post your pictures by Dec 5th 2016. The winner will be announced on Dec 6th!

Special Effects Instructor Michelle Craig & talented graduate Chantel Laurie get invited onto Global News TV set!

New Image Colleges Special Effects Department head Michelle Craig and one of her highly talented graduates students, Chantel Laurie get invited onto Global News TV set .

The exciting venture was to transform one of Global TVs producers AMY JUDD into a female White Walker from the TV series GAME OF THRONES . Michelle started the whole process at the beginning of October with a Face Cast of Amy Judd.

The big onset day was October 31st ,this would be the day Michelle and Chantel got up at 4 am to get to the station for a 5:15 am call time whew!!!! they get up early for TV.

Together Michelle and Chantel spent over two hours transforming Amy into the incredibly detailed character WHITE Walker. Great work by both New Image support staff and student to make this event come to life .

A big thanks from New Image to both girls also, it must always be nerve racking being on TV , knowing millions of viewers are watching .

Check out the video of the whole event:

This half Orc is truly terrifying. Good work Alyssa Marie Myrchak!

Empowering Our Community

New Image College’s philosophy is to empower. This is one of the reasons New Image College supports “THE BOYS CLUB NETWORK” which is dedicated to helping underprivileged and at-risk boys.

Currently, THE BOYS CLUB NETWORK has been invited to Parliament in Ottawa to perform “MAN UP” a play based on the true stories of boys who have been at risk.

New Image College’s acting department head Philip Granger will be traveling to Ottawa as part of the extraordinary cast for this very special cause.


New Image College is proud to be a sponsor of “ZOOM FILM FESTIVAL”: Like New Image College the Zoom Film Festival fosters young talent.

When “ZOOM” approached New Image College about helping we quickly realized that they have the same philosophy as us. That we must do everything we can to empower the young artist of tomorrow, and to help them realize their dreams.

This is not the first film contest New Image College has sponsored. New Image College also was a major sponsor of the “PHRIKE 72 HOUR FILM CONTEST that had over 35 teams of inspired film auteurs. Many of whom were our professionally trained make up artist and actors.

We are very excited to be a part of ZOOM this year. New Image College is presenting $10,000 dollars in prizes at the gala night. Should be very exciting for all the young film makers who participate!

NEW IMAGE COLLEGE ACTING AND MAKE UP DEPARTMENTS WORKING TOGETHER: New Image Entertainment produces films so New Image College’s students will get the valuable on set experience that it takes to achieve success in the film business.
From creating creature effects to doing black and white noir themed films. The acting and make up students of New Image get to do it all!!
The make up students understand the pressures of a real film set. They also get to work with some of the countries best trained actors on location.
New Image College’s acting department has garnered 5 Leo Nominations in the best performance category. Two UBCP Performance Nominees. A UBCP Best New Comer Award Winner. A Bravo Fact Award Winner and the 2016 Kevin Spacey Artist of Choice Award Winner.

At the BC Lions Home Opener with Virgin Radio doing some airbrush tattoos and getting entries for our summer giveaway of $15,000 in scholarships to New Image College.

Last Friday our Makeup airbrush team showing their skills at the Canucks Draft with Virgin Radio and a chance to win $15,000 in scholarships for New Image College at Rogers Arena.

Short Film On The Way

“New Image Entertainment” is gearing up to do another short film with our Acting Students and Makeup Students teaming up to do a comedy about talking dogs. The NIC makeup artists students are casting the actors face building the pieces to transform them into dogs.

Get Ready For Chamber Music

We have a new play first year play starring GROUP 46 called “Chamber Music” By Aurtur Kopit and directed by the incomparable John Emmet Tracy.
Performances are at NIC THEATRE STUDIO ONE
510 West Hastings 15th floor.
Chamber Music is a one-act play by absurdist playwright Arthur Kopit. The story is set in 1938 and concerns eight famous women from different historical periods who all are interned in the same insane asylum.

New image College Acting Department Head, producer, director and actor visits Kelowna Secondary Schools and teaches a master workshop in film acting. As part of New Image College’s give back program we teach an acting or make up workshop for high schools free of charge.

This last week New Image College’s Acting Department head Philip Granger was invited to host the gala event for the Okanagan Film Commission and The Okanagan Film Fundamental Symposium. Present at the symposium there were some of the film industries most prominent figures including Award winning director and cinematographer Vic Sarin of Sepia Films. What better time to visit the local secondary schools.

When Philip arrived at the schools he was greeted by the drama teachers who were thrilled to have him. Each class the students were engaged in doing Micheal Chekhov’s body exercises, one by one each student found confidence in exploring their creative potential.

One of the students very favourite exercise was Chekhov’s lightness and ease. This exercise demonstrates the power of intention and the mind, body connection. In this exercise a group of students lift another student right over their heads and float them. It is brilliant how they learn to have faith and trust. Each and every student stated that they all felt a spiritual awakening and found an inner confidence.What a great week it was in Kelowna!!!

infotel website

Time For Our Open House

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what you might expect when attending a New Image College Open House; than allow us to set the stage.

Our open house always begins at the relative hour of 5pm, not too early, not too late, but nice and cozy in the middle. At first the air is brisk with final preparations, the food plates have been set, the wine has been chilled and our spa has been prepared for our guests that will soon arrive.

The minute hand turns and the hour hits five. New Image students kick it in to gear and are eager to showcase why we believe our students are the best at what they do, and why they love what they do so much.

You soon arrive off the elevator, you are greeted with warmth and enthusiastic welcomes. You linger for a bit but you will soon find yourself stepping into our black box theater. Inside you ill find some of New Image’s finest and most successful acting instructors Raugi Yu (Mr. Young) and Zahf Paroo (Seventh Son) hosting live improve games.

The two team up and encourage our invited guests, students and alumni alike to join the fray and get in on the action! It’s fun, lose, and a great way to see the spirit and excitement that makes New Image College’s students so successful. And yes! Graduates are always welcomed back, cause in the words of a Scorsese movie (I’m sure) “Once you’re family, you’re always family”.

Walking down the hallway and peering through the doors into our makeup studios, you catch glimpses of eager makeup students hard at work – each desperately trying to prepare their models and beat the clock for the photo shoot taking place in the main atrium . Time is of the essence as they delve into the word of high fashion and creature effects, creating stunning works of art that could be ready for the stage or screen.

As you head through the halls it is common to be swept up in the ere of positivity and excitement for the arts that radiates through the college.

It is now 7pm, you’ve had some complimentary appies, maybe a nice wine, you’ve laughed and been crazy with our actors, you’ve been inspired and transported to the world of creation and imagination with our makeup students, now you are finally ready to be relaxed and de-stressed with our Spa Students.

You head back down the hall, past our makeup studios bustling with creation, past our actors laughing and screaming, tempting you to join again, past our complimentary food and beverages, and into the serenity and warmth of our spa. Our gentle and experienced graduates guide you to one of our beds, you fall backwards and drift to sleep as you are treated to a mini facial, manicure, pedicure or massage.

It’s 8:30, you wake up, radiating, relaxed, you slowly head back outside, you step into the elevator, inspired and amazed. The doors close and you can’t wait till our next one.

Our next Open House comes to you on May 26th located on our campus. We invite you down, meet and greet, jump into the improvisation class, have some drinks and appies, check out the amazing makeup and photo shoot and book a session with the spa. Come and see why our students love what they do, come and see why why you would love it too.

Philip Teaching A Masterclass

New Image College Acting Department Head, actor, producer and director Philip Granger led a master film acting workshop at the Okanagan Film Fundamentals symposium this past weekend in West Kelowna.

There was a lot of excitement to have award winning actor Philip Granger come to Kelowna and share his wealth of experience on film acting with the theatre actors who live in the interior of BC. Participants came from as far away as Calgary, Sorrento B.C., Clearwater B.C. etc.. to hear him speak.

Philip Granger also hosted the opening night gala for the Okanagan Film Commission which included guest icon director Vic Sarin, and other major producers, film distributors, and heads of television networks present.

Granger led participants of workshop through a series of chekhov body acting exercises and film acting essentials. The workshop was sold out in half an hour. And was an amazing success.


“It was amazing to see the transformation in the actors. I was invited to teach a master acting workshop in Kelowna for the Okanagan Film Commission. The focus was on the body. In this exercise, through the power of movement you discover truthful characters. This fine theatre actress, who is elegant and poised created a person that was the polar opposite of herself. Beautiful”. Granger, Philip.

Getting Ready To Pamper You

Now that the holiday season is wrapped up and we’re all in the mood to relax into the new year, a refreshing spa treatment is just what you need.

The student spa at New Image College is just the place to settle in when our pockets are reeling from the glamour of gift giving!

Our services include full body treatments to casual afternoon services like manicures, massage and facials.

Advances in student training now include ways for you to maximize your cost savings by experiencing the brilliant methods developed by industry leaders such as Guinot. Have your face rejuvenated with hydrodermie, excited with electro therapy and polished with a relaxing facial.

Book with the front desk by calling 604-685-8807 or sending us an email if you’d like to book a group appointment, info@newimage.ca.

Hooray For The Winners

Congratulations to our contest winners!

Everyone at New Image College are absolutely impressed with every entry and we’re proud to reward you for your quick wit, ability to perform and potential to for incredible careers.

It wasn’t easy to chose the winners, but we did!

The following are the winners for the Winter Makeup Contest:
1st. @madicatson
2nd. @lilrucks4
3rd. @miss.maraxo

The following are the winners for the Winter Acting Contest:
1st. @starmartin987
2nd. @ashiemacs
3rd. @hilaurarosemary

To collect your prize, contact our front desk at 1-604-685-8807

Keep following @newimagecollege for more chances to win cool prizes and show off your skills!

NIC @ Burnaby North

New Image College’s head acting instructor, Phil Granger and Acting Alumni Dakota Daulby visited Burnaby North on November 19th & 24th to head an acting seminar for it’s drama students.

Phil and Dakota worked with the mixed classes of grades 10, 11 & 12 for an hour and half on both days, demonstrating relaxation tools, character embodiment and character intention tools that they can use to prepare for there up-coming play, The Outsiders!

New Image College wants to thank Burnaby North, and Ms. Couch for having us in your drama class. We can’t wait till next time! Your students were fantastic!

NIC Entertainment On The Way

New Image College will unveil it’s sister company, New Image Entertainment’s independently produced web series! The four-part web series, titled “Tessera Tails of Joseph” will showcase our top acting students, makeup students and alumni. We invite all cast and crew of the production to come and watch the screening on November 6th, 2015! Date: November 6th, 2015. The reception starts at 7pm. Screening begins at 8pm. 15 minute intermission. Who can come? This event is invite-only.

IG Contest Winners

Great work everyone! The amount of work done to really get into the spirit of the NIC Instagram Makeup Contest was so much more than we could have imagined. The talent out there far surpassed our expectations. We’re super proud to share the amazing talent of the winners selected for the first of many new contests coming up for New Image College! Winner of Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension Natasha Rogers! @natasharogers Winner of Scouts VS Zombies Imelda Ramirez! @ime_vitela More contests are coming up! Stay in the know with New Image College by following us on Instagram, like our Facebook Fan Page and check out the incredible work on our YouTube Channel.

Interviewing Canadian Stars

Canadian actor Lochlyn Munro is a seasoned veteran in the film and television industry. Having had twenty-eight years of experience, with credits spanning from fantasy series Charmed, to comedy flick White Chicks and family film Space Buddies, Munro is now partnering with Vancouver’s New Image College to give back with the next generation of young Canadian actors.

We had the opportunity to interview the actor, where we discuss his latest role in the B.C. filmed thriller Go With Me, partnering with the Film Acting Conservatory Program at New Image, and balancing his career and family life. You just wrapped up filming the American thriller, Go With Me.

How was it, filming in B.C. so close to home? Filming Go With Me up in Vernon, B.C. was amazing. The people welcomed cast and crew with open arms, as one of the producers, Rick Dugdale, is actually from that area. The look of the region really added to the fictional town in the story. The Permanent Rain Press

Mary Wins Big

Mary Galloway has earned $35,000 in funding to make her first film. The Kwalikum Secondary School alumna, who moved to Vancouver after graduating in 2008, won the BravoFACT Pitch Contest at the 2015 Victoria Film Festival last month.