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(Advanced Prosthetics)
Cutting Edge | SPFX

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Prerequisites required for this course include a New Image College “Fashion and Film Makeup Design Diploma” OR equivalent,

OR submit a 2,000-word essay and portfolio describing in detail how you are self-taught.

“What I loved about the NIC Fashion and Film Makeup Design program was the special makeup fx program, I learnt up to date processes like bondo transfers and silicon applications. The skills I learnt during the student films helped prepare me for the real deal film Sets.” 

– Meghan Nicholson
TV & Film Makeup Artist

“While attending New Image College, the faculty prepared me for real world film and television scenarios that come up every day.


I’m on set and I’m grateful for the insight” 


Matt Lutz

Cutting Edge Advanced Prosthetics

Courses included in this program and hours

Design and Courses – 20 Hours

You will be taught how to use hard copy mediums to create comprehensive character makeup. You will gain working knowledge of how to creating a concept design of your own character creations.

Body Part Prop Fabrication – 28 Hours

You will be educated in how to accurately size and cut lace fits, tie-in real hair to lace pieces, apply a facial ventilated hair piece, and styling/removal techniques.

Silicone Tongue Appliances – 20 Hours

This course begins with practical technique in tongue sculpting on an armature (metal frame used for sculpting). From this you will be instructed in how to create a mold for a real human tongue, including the inner core of the mold, which will be be placed on a live model.

Complete Teeth Creation – 28 Hours

Education in this course will be focused on the complete creation of prop teeth. Starting from life-casting, you will learn how to sculpt, and then run silicone teeth molds. The final product will be created using dental acrylic. This course is completed by instruction in how to accurately paint and apply the prop to your performers mouth.

Gags / Blood Rigging / Splatter Cannon – 4 Hours

This course will educate you on how to rig up industry standard blood effects. Using different tubing and an assortment of pumps, you will gain practical knowledge and skills with a variety of rigs that are utilized in all manner of TV and Film blood spray effects.

Life-Casting Full Bust and Torso – 40 Hours

This course will teach life-casting of a full human head. Your education will also include neck and shoulder areas, as well as the creation of snap molds.

Sculpting of Bust and Torso – 40 Hours

Getting the opportunity to sculpt a creative and interesting creature is only a portion of the course. In addition, you will learn to sculpt on a bust, life-cast, and acquire a deeper understanding of running a full-facepiece and head Cowell.

Running Foam Latex – 40 Hours

This course teaches the inner workings of how to mix and run foam latex. You will learn how to pour foam correctly, how to bake it, as well as an introduction to pre-painting techniques.

Painting and Realistic Pre-Painting – 20 Hours

This course focuses on the art of pre-painting & seeming techniques, final dressing fabrication and prop build up. You will be given demonstrations on how to paint creatures with a realistic looking paint scheme.

Final Touches and Practical Exam – 20 Hours

Utilizing the technique and skills you have gained over the duration, you will assemble your ongoing prosthetic pieces into a full body, complete character creation. This character will be shot during a professional photoshoot.

Admission Information

  • Program Requirements
  • Tuition and Fees
  • Admission Details

Student must be at least 19 years of age or have a high school diploma. Complete the Entrance Submission package. Pass the New Image English Assessment Test with a score of 25 or above out of a total of 30 when English is the second language.

Tuition and Fees

Domestic Tuition Fee: $9,850 CAD
International Tuition Fee: $15,850 CAD

Domestic Application Fee:
$250 CAD
International Application Fee: $1,000 CAD 

Materials / Supplies / Textbook Fee:
$2,750 CAD (Supply list provided)

Total (Domestic):
$12,850 CAD
Total (International): $19,600 CAD

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