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John Emmet Tracy Acting Instructor     John Emmet Tracy Acting Instructor   In over thirty years as an actor, John has worked extensively in theatre, film, television and voiceovers. He has performed on stages throughout the world, including Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, where he was selected as a company member of the Globe’s  Read more ➝

Mayra Dominguez Spa Teacher Growing up in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Mayra has always had a unique fascination with making others feel beautiful. “When I was really young I used to put Playdoh on my nails and pretend they were manicures. I loved all the colours”.   For Mayra, wellness has been a family business. At  Read more ➝

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Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Ryan Nicholson began his career in the makeup industry in 1985, “I started off by just making short films. There was a little film school near where I was living, and I started doing makeup for their film students. I was the only one around who did any  Read more ➝