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In our Fashion & Film design program, students are exposed to the comprehensive study of makeup design.

NIC’s hands-on, educational approach arms our makeup graduates with practical skills that produce results. If becoming a makeup artist has been your dream, then no other program will provide you with this level of comprehensive training and skills in all avenues of this Global business.

Review the course outlines below and discover the training that will prepare you for your future career. 

“After a long dream of wanting to pursue makeup I signed up at New Image College. Needless to say the first few weeks were daunting, but I slowly came to realize the nurturing and communal feel of the school and felt right at home. The school presented so many opportunities to expand your experience and remained very supportive of it’s alumni, which was a great sign for me. The teachers I had were extremely positive and allowed to me to grow to my full potential and gave me a strong base in all disciplines of makeup allowing me to be versatile in the industry.

Jess Hawkins
NIC Fashion and Film Makeup Design Graduate

“New Image not only has been a place of learning and advancing my skills, I have also been very lucky to experience opportunities they have provided in the makeup field. Helping me to further my career. NewImage has a special place in my heart!”

Adrianna Szpak
NIC Fashion and Film Makeup Design Graduate

Co-Op Fashion & Film Makeup Design

Courses included in this program and hours

Makeup Fundamentals – 120 Hours

Successful makeup artists build their artistic skills upon a strong foundation of technical knowledge. You will learn to analyze the face, lips, nose and eyes. Discover the evolution of makeup through the different eras, beginning in the 1930’s till present. You will absorb the techniques to properly apply makeup for different gender and skin types. This course will teach you the importance of creating professional face charts and tear sheets. By completion, you will be fully capable of applying shaping, highlighting and contouring technique on any model placed in front of you.

Hair Design – 60 Hours

Makeup is not always just about the face, discover how to utilize hair to give yourself a professional advantage! Learn industry hair braiding, styling,updos, and backcombing techniques to create the perfect design and bring your makeup look to completion!

Wedding Makeup – 20 Hours

This course will oriantate you with the skills required to work in the booming bridal industry. Beginning with day and evening looks, students will be taught how to design wedding makeups that complement individual styles and cultural traditions. Enjoy practicing the cultural traditions that change throughout North America, South Asia, and India.

High Fashion Editorial – 20 Hours

This industry is fast-paced and requires the artist to create specific looks that meet the vision of designers and their campaigns. This course will educate you in how to  master working under pressure while developing extravagant designs. You will discover how to satisfy the needs of your designer while still remaining artistically expressive. By the end, you will be able to meet deadlines while delivering with elegance.

Career Development 1 – 20 Hours

This industry is fast-paced and requires the artist to create specific looks that meet the vision of designers and their campaigns. This course will educate you in how to  master working under pressure while developing extravagant designs. You will discover how to satisfy the needs of your designer while still remaining artistically expressive. By the end, you will be able to meet deadlines while delivering with elegance.

High Fashion Runway – 20 Hours

This course is designed to simulate the working conditions of a runway event. You will learn how to create detailed face charts, work from an existing design or tear-sheet, and discover the ins and outs of fashion etiquette. The Fashion Industry is limitless, this course will help you  discover where your unique style fits in it’s evolving landscape.

Airbrushing Makeup – 20 Hours

This course will have your imagination flowing! Under practical instruction, you will delve into airbrush technique and understand how to properly manipulate your airbrush gun. First, you will learn to apply foundation, blush, highlight, and contour.

Airbrushing and Body Makeup – 40 Hours

As the course advances, your focus shift on creating looks for the chest and face. Our mentors will guide you through the techniques required to perform prosthetic painting, 3D art, and complete character costuming! You’re imagination is only limited by what your mind can create!

Photo Theory – 40 Hours

Everyone knows that lighting plays as much of a key role during a photoshoot as do the model and makeup. This course will educate you on how an artist can utilize this tool to enhance their work. Understanding the professional lingo, experimenting with different lighting techniques, and how to photograph your own work, are all elements part of this essential course.


NIC`s photographer mentor will shoot, analyze, and strengthen your skills throughout the duration!

Makeup & Photography Level 1 – 40 Hours

Vancouver’s film industry has expanded to the 2nd largest in North America. This course will focus on headshot photography. You will learn how to adjust your makeup to the particular requirements of both performer and photographer; accentuating the makeup to fit their particular brand. Discover how an artist needs to adjust their work to suite all lighting types, in studio photography or urban shoots. In collaboration with our acting department, you will have live experience shooting actors headshots with a professional photographer.

Makeup & Photography Level 2 – 100 Hours

Expanding upon the previous course, you will now be introduced to the more advanced techniques required to master monochromatic, black and white, pop art, and drag makeups! In this section, you will create several complete looks including a pop art zombie, a drag makeup, and an Avant Garde look. Finalizing with a professional photoshoot, each student can compete for the “Queen of the Class” award.

Makeup for Stage and Set – 80 Hours

Makeup shapes the way an audience feels toward a character. Learn to define the character with your brush and how to work effectively in these unique, fast-paced, and collaborative environments. This course will teach you how create masculin, old-age, frostbitten, and deceased character looks. In addition, students will experiment with hair and beard laying techniques. As the individual requirements for stage or set become clear, allow your training to take life in a complete frozen effect makeup.

Special Makeup Effects Fundamentals – 80 Hours

Movie makeup effects are an extensive tool in the TV and Film industry. By using the combined skill-set you have developed thus far, our mentors will prepare you to take on exotic and realistic effects! In a series of practical exams, you will experience the art of creating hyper realistic bullet holes, burns, scrapes & cuts, apply bald caps, beard & fur laying, and aged skin.

Prosthetic Arts – 260 Hours

It will be time for you to draw upon all the knowledge and skill you have developed.


From your introduction to sculpting, you be taken through a complete understanding of all SPFX techniques. Our mentors will educate you in the creation of Bondo pieces, latex, gelatin, foam, and silicone appliances. You will perform life casting and learn to mold, sculpt and apply prosthetic applications. Your most creative ideas will be drawn upon, as this cumulates with an in-depth character creation. Your work will be shot professionally and added to your ongoing portfolio.

Short Film Project – 60 Hours

As a group you will take part in the production of a short film with New Image Entertainment. Provided with the script, we will hire the actors and crew, you will attend production meetings, breakdown the script, navigate the budget, and work with the director to develop the right character looks! As this film will involve SPFX, you will get the chance to mold prosthetics on the performers. As part of the production team, you will work on set to complete the film and earn an IMDb credit!

Career Development 2 – 20 Hours

As you reach the end of your program and prepare to launch into your dream career, we will revisit the essential tools of a strong business plan.


Overviewing and updating your resume, cover letter, and portfolio as necessary, as well as developing a strong professional identity online, will assure that you are ready to join your follow working alumni.

Co-op Work Portion – 1000 Hours

With the assistance of the NIC Community and our student resources, you will begin the basis of your professional Makeup Career in Canada. With incredible opportunities in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, we urge you to work hard, stay focused, and remember that the NIC Community is always available to help.

Admission Information

  • Program Requirements
  • Tuition and Fees
  • Admission Details

Student must be at least 19 years of age or have a high school diploma. Complete the Entrance Submission package. Pass the New Image English Assessment Test with a score of 25 or above out of a total of 30 when English is the second language.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition Fee: $23,890 CAD

Application / Registration Fee: $250 CAD

Materials / Supplies / Textbook Fee: Included (Value: $5,550 CAD)

Total: $24,890 CAD

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