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New Image College Film Acting Conservatory Graduate Blake Williams has been blazing trails. Blake can be seen in “Can We Play” that has been picked up for worldwide distribution. This film was casting director Ann Forry’s directorial debut. Ann had access to all the best actors in Canada and she chose our recent graduate Blake  Read more ➝

Another NIC film acting conservatory graduate success story. Miles McCarthy was an extremely hard-working student while attending NIC Acting Conservatory. During the audition training, he was scouted by KC Talent’s top agent and was signed. Recently he can be seen in the Stephen King miniseries “The Stand” playing Ray Booth, opposite Whoopi Goldberg, Amber Heard,  Read more ➝

New Image College Acting Conservatory graduate Roberto Lanzas is blazing new trails having booked over 15 productions in the last year!! Some of his recent successes include performing as a lead in Tomo Suru’s Production of Spring Awakening, which has just been nominated for 7 Ovation Awards. Roberto also booked a great role in the  Read more ➝


Juanita Lerma Juarez is from Mexico and dreamed of becoming an actress. Her first step was to decide to train, and train hard she did for two years at NICS Film Acting Conservatory. While at school Juanita excelled, she gave it her all and was brilliant in her three plays, and in NIC film projects.  Read more ➝