Looking for actors to play the role of Charles!

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Posted 8 months ago

Looking for a male actor aged 19-28 who is/ can pass for Chinese-Canadian. 

Role: Charles’ character is the one who we want to cast.

Dates for shooting: 4 days on November 20,23,24 and 25, 2021. 

Payment: $150 for 4 days.

Location: Vancouver at John Hendry Park ( Trout Lake ). 


First-generation Chinese-Canadian, early 20s, university student suffering from Neurodermatitis
(eczema). He is an extremely shy and anxious young man, stuck between pursuing a pragmatic and
lucrative career to please his overbearing mother and his love of photography. The stress of this internal
conflict worsens the pain and discomfort generated by the eczema and drives his desperation to escape
his situation. Co-Lead.

Yim is a Chinese immigrant to Canada, 40s-60s, single parent. She is industrious and caretaking, though
her lack of social connections make her appear overbearing and domineering in the eyes of her son
Charles, despite her best intentions. She wants Charles to have a successful career so he can be stable
and happy in his life, but her well-intentioned plan for Charles’ future pushes him farther and farther
away from her. Co-Lead.

Internally conflicted between working towards a career in Computer Science to support his overbearing
mother and pursuing his dreams as a photographer, twenty-three year old Chinese-Canadian Charles is
stuck in a cycle of extreme stress and painful skin breakouts, fueling his desperation to escape his



Applicants can send their Resume or Demo reel to:

Levi Plessis, the Director of the film.


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