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Marina Moreira

NIC Spa Administrator


Born in Brazil, Marina set her sights on becoming an experienced business professional at a young age. Obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Journalism and a Post Degree Diploma in Business Management, she focused on gaining vast knowledge in administrative and marketing expertise.


Her careers never had any boundaries. Always very fond of people and building meaningful relationships, she’s navigated through a few distinct industries, from restaurants to advertisement agencies, energy drinks organizations to clothing stores, always reaching amazing outcomes by delivering substantial content and adding great value with her vibrant personality.


Seeking a new challenge in life and hoping to provide better opportunities for her family, Marina moved to Vancouver to experience the Canadian way of life. Marina has learned and grown so much from this move, that she now feels she has a new place to call home.


Marina joined NIC SPA to carry on values she has learned and experienced from her training and education, to pass on and share with NIC students and NIC SPA Training Clients. They say that “If you do what you like for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life” and that is really the case for Marina as she puts a lot of passion and care into her work. She just loves what she does, regardless of what she’s doing at the moment. Whether it is in the workplace, spending time with the family, hanging out with her friends or helping others through volunteering.


Happiness is what defines her the best.

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