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Mayra Dominguez

Spa Teacher

Growing up in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Mayra has always had a unique fascination with making others feel beautiful. “When I was really young I used to put Playdoh on my nails and pretend they were manicures. I loved all the colours”.


For Mayra, wellness has been a family business. At 16 she began helping at her sisters salon, Unas Norma Salons. Out of all four girls in Mayra’s family, each would go on to open and operate their own salon business, throughout various areas of Mexico.


In 2012, Mayra traveled to Canada to enroll in New Image College’s Spa Technician program. After completing her co-op training portion in 2014, Mayra founded and operated her own salon business, Posh Digits, located in Kitsilano.

“Having the experience of running my own company has given me a unique perspective. I understand what employers are looking for, because I was one.”

With an interest in continual training, Mayra has taken specialized seminars with worldwide brands like Harmony and Audacy, Nail Factory, and Organic. In 2015, Mayra returned to New Image, but this time as a instructor. Drawing from her diverse practical experience, she focused her energy on instructing all nail related modules. With a special interest in everyday nails, competition nails, and 3-D nail art.


Mayra has mentored NIC students to award-winning placement in nail competitions and establishment of their own businesses.

Where did your passion come from?
I believe my passion for nails was just something I was born with. I have always been involved with some sort of salon or spa. It was my family business and I have seen the positive changes this career can provide for both client and estatican. Doing something else with my life has never been a thought.
What knowledge do you wish to impart on your students?
I want to my students to learn to be picky with the work they do. To always work with an atmosphere of self-improvement.
I always tell my students to imagine that each set of nails you do, is for yourself. So do work that no less than your own best standard. If you work this way, than opportunities will always present themselves.
What style of a teacher do you feel you are?
I have high expectations for my students but keep a enjoyable atmosphere in the classroom. I am eager to help them develop while expressing their own unique abilities.
What do you specialize in?
I specialize everyday nails, 3-D nail art, and multimedia nails. I maintain my own client base so that I have a realavant understanding of what my students are learning.
What are you doing currently?
I teach full-time with New Image College as their head nail instructor, while working with my client base on weekends.
What are your hopes for your students?
I hope that they enter the industry and are unafraid to take on any position they desire. When you graduate, you have the ability to work with clients, perform competitions, or work as an ambassador for a product line! So do what you want! With some many avenues, find the one the suits you and go for it.
What is a good student in your opinion?
A good student is willing to recognize their mistakes. I ask my students to try and do this, than together as a team we will correct it.
What do you feel has made you so successful in your field?
Being able to learn from others. I am constantly trying to learn and absorb more knowledge. That, and I am also very picky about my own work. I hold myself to high expectations. I try to achieve perfection whether it just be in a demo, or on one of my clients. I think this mindset has helped get where I am.
What drew you to want to teach at New Image?  
The skills I learned while at school gave me the ability to go out into the industry and start my own business. My teachers were some of the best I have had, and the opportunity to go back

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