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Vancouver's #1 Nail School

NIC’s perfect combination of theory and practical application, will give you the confidence and skill to secure whatever opportunity presents itself.


Review the course outlines below and discover the NIC Certified Training that will prepare you for your future.

The program expanded on my existing love of doing manicures and pedicures,  gave me a chance to explore my artistic creativity with the nail art and artificial nails. New Image helped me get my foot in the door with Revive Hair & Body Lounge. I really enjoy helping people relax and feel better, and the training I received in the Nail Technician Diploma program at New Image College has given me the skills to work both out of my own home and in Revive Hair & Body Lounge.”

Regan Ross
Professional Esthetician

“My experience at New Image College was tremendous.  Being there has given me confidence that I haven’t experienced before. I am so comfortable here, more than I have ever felt in any other program I’ve been in.  I feel that with the experience I’ve been taught, I can take it anywhere I want to go in life. I’m so glad that I got to learn what I love to do, making people feel good!”

Lindsey Currie
Professional Esthetician

Nail Technician

Courses included in this program and hours (400 hours total)

Manicures and Pedicures – 140 hours

Upon successful completion of this module, students will be capable of offering flawless manicure and pedicure services. In the process of learning how to provide these services professionally, students will learn techniques such as nail shaping, thorough cuticle work, exfoliation, hand, arm, foot and leg massage along with perfect polish application.

Students will learn how to use professional tools to provide these services effectively and safely such as nippers, e-files, lamps and gel polish products. The polish will be applied in a variety of ways, from regular to gel, and will include French tips and beautiful nail art combining amazing techniques for drawing and decorating the nail.

The nail students will be able to work with a variety of materials including gold leaf and gemstones, magnetic and spider gel polish, pigments, and a wide range of tools that will inspire them and develop their creativeness. These tools will allow them to create gorgeous and unique designs.

Learning how to use various products and techniques to massage, calm, nourish, and hydrate the client’s skin are valuable skills that students will be acquiring in this program. The knowledge and skills gained will aid in customizing treatments to the needs of the client.

Once this module is completed, students will have a deep understanding of facial and fingertips/toes waxing, paraffin wax and hot stone massage treatments. 

Artificial Nails – Acrylic – 120 hours

Students will have learnt the appropriate techniques for finishing a set of acrylic nails after successfully completing this module. This will involve product knowledge as well as skills for properly building up and shaping artificial nails on tips or forms using acrylic monomer and polymer.

The nail students will be familiar with the techniques involved in drilling and buffing the nails to achieve the final shape. They will also have the option of adding a distinctive style by creating 2D and 3D acrylic nail art to customize and bring charm to their client’s nails. As with the gel module, students will refine their services by performing the NIC’s Russian manicure technique and gel polish application.

Artificial Nails – Gels – 120 hours

Students completing this module will be able to enhance their client ́s nails using a variety of gel products and techniques, including hard gel, Polygel, and Ge-X (Après). Students will be able to identify their client’s needs and apply the appropriate techniques and products to meet their goals. This could entail the use of a specific gel product in conjunction with tips or forms.

Through the outstanding learning of NIC’s Russian manicure technique, this module will further strengthen student ́s skills in the maintenance and care of the cuticle and nail plate. Students will learn how to use a nail drill and files to shape the nail extensions accurately and safely.

Students will then finish the look applying gel polish and have the option of adding a distinctive style by creating 2D and 3D hard gel nail art to customize and bring charm to their client’s nails.

Included in this module, students will also learn how to write a professional resume, how to be well-prepared when looking for employment, and how to conduct effective interviews that will prepare them for common questions they may be asked by a future employer.

At the end of this module, the students will have a thorough understanding of how to own and operate a salon involving financial management and marketing additional services and retail items, as well as how to manage a schedule.

Admission Information

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  • Tuition and Fees

Applying to your favourite school for a career you have always dreamed of is exciting! A New Image advisor is just an email or phone call away to assist you with questions and help make the process achievable. Your application is assessed by the people that will be there every step of the way during your education journey and have your best interests in mind.


Please select the program date, review the admission requirements and fill out the application form. A New Image advisor will be calling you to get to know you better, discuss your goals, expectations, admissions and registration procedures within 48 hours.

Tuition and Fees

Domestic Tuition Fee: $5,500 CAD
International Tuition Fee: $6,980 CAD

Domestic Application Fee:
$250 CAD
International Application Fee: $1,000 CAD 

Materials / Supplies / Textbook Fee:
Included (Value: $750 CAD) 

Total (Domestic):
$5,750 CAD
Total (International): $7,980 CAD

Get one step closer and apply now on NIC Upload Centre

Get one step closer and apply now on NIC Upload Centre