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Dakota Daulby graduated the Acting Conservatory Program with dreams of big things and work ethic to match it “Ya, it’s true that I had been acting since I was 14. I’m definitely not new to the scene, but I decided I wanted to take this seriously. Treat it as a job and gain the tools that would give me longevity in my career”.


Daulby made waves from the moment he stepped into the college; securing leads in the independent features “Sitting On the Edge of Marlene” and “Black Fly” which have both been subsequently nominated for numerous awards at the 2014 Leo Awards and Vancouver International Film Festival – Dakota himself receiving two Leo nominations in the category of best male lead.


In addition to his film work Daulby has appeared in Steven Spielberg’s executive produced “Falling Skies” with the recurring antagonist character “Kent Matthews”. He has also appeared in CW’s “iZombie” with a recurring character and guest starred in Hub Television’s “Spooksville”.


Daulby has worked with such established film and TV icons as Noah Whyle (ER), Will Patton (Armageddon), Doug Jones (Hellboy), Robert Buckley (One Tree Hill) and  Suzanne Clement (Mommy) to name a few.


You can also catch Daulby in the media; having appeared in local and national shows as Breakfast Television, CBC Radio and Electric Playground.


“I have always been so thankful for the help I received in my life. It has been an amazing journey so far, and I am in constant contact with my mentors at the college. They have played an incredible role in my career”.


Daulby has currently returned to New Image, working with our film production partner New Image Entertainment while on a hiatus from a undisclosed Europa-Corp production that will appear in theaters next year, “It’s so cool to be back and making projects with the school again. I just enjoy being a part of the process and the school has given me every opportunity to do that”.


Daulby is currently represented by his long-time agent Murray Gibson at Red Management and publicist Ken MacIntyre at C&C Communications. Daulby recently returned from L.A, adding an American addition to his team “I now working with a great management company down their called Primary Wave Management”.


We’re so proud of all the work you have accomplished and look forward to your upcoming success.


Dakota’s Website