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One of our current Fashion & Film Makeup Design students, Johanna Mintz, has become something of a rising star among her peers! We’ve had the honour of watching her artistry grow over her time with us, producing countless amazing beauty makeup shots, high-fashion, movie makeup and especially stellar special effects makeup which you can view on her linked WordPress above (click on her name) as well as on her Instagram.
We recently spoke to her as she’s been working on and off with the amazing Charles Zuckermann and she had this to tell us:

So I’m in the Fashion and Film Makeup Design program, set to graduate in September (2019). I was actually part of an on-going project called Sunday Portrait Sessions (#SundayPortraitSessions) that Charles Zuckermann has started.


I’m happy to say I’ve become one of the 3 cycling Makeup Artists who work on this project, and it’s been both a great learning experience and also so much fun to be a part of. It ranges from Headshot Style Editorial, to out-there shots that push both me as a makeup artist and the actors to get to have more fun and be a little silly.


We truly couldn’t be more proud of Johanna, she’s even been demonstrating her skills live at the PNE Playland Nights out at our booth every Friday through July – so if you would like to see her live and in action, now’s your chance!
When you have the desire and inspiration to succeed, we here at New Image College are here to provide you with the #1 educational experience and will support you on your road to success! This is another great example of how Our Students Work!