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“To paint, to draw, to create” is the motto of Ankara Eden, a full IATSE 891 member, and one of New Image College’s most senior makeup instructors.
“It’s amazing to visualize something in your mind and watch that come to life” says Anakara, who has been working in the makeup industry for 19 years. “I have always loved art as a child, studying it, painting it and whatever I could get my hands on. My mom was never big into makeup, but I remember her having a set of these fantastic Channel powders that smelled like rose. As a kid I would play with her powders and her dark red lipstick, though I never dreamed that one day I would fall into this incredible industry that I have dedicated my life too.”

Dedication is an accurate word to describe this powerful and talented industry force that has traveled the world with her passion, “I have blessed enough to see the world , I’ve been to Hong Kong, Singapore, 2 years in Japan and all over Europe”. It’s an immense career that all began almost 18 years ago when Ankara Eden was hired to work for German Vogue at the incredible age of 21, “When my agent told me that I was going to work for German Vogue, I couldn’t believe it. It was spectacles. It was a dream come true”.

Her impressive list of accomplishments is far from over, Ankara has keyed and contributed to numerous fashion and couture shows in Paris, Milan and Germany. Ankara says a major highlight for her was working with Prime-time Emmy nominee and of Battlestar Galactica fame, Patricia Murray.

Our goal at New Image College, is to make sure that when our students leave our doors and enter this immense journey that is the makeup industry, they so prepared and ready that they have no choice but to be successful.
“We teach our students to look at colour differently. To hone your skills so much that when you look at a foundation, you don’t only see one single colour, you see the millions of other shades that make that colour.”
When Ankara Eden isn’t sharing her wealth of experience and knowledge with fortunate New Image College makeup students she is flying to Asia and Israel to continue her film work.

I came to New Image because the instructors truly care. We are student focused. I have seen my peers go above and beyond to make our students the best artists they can be. I feel honoured and privileged to be part of this incredible institution.