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Yu Sarah Matsushita traveled from Japan in 2014 to New Image to take our Film Acting Conservatory. Sarah took two years with us, dedicating herself to her studies, improving her English, and using her unique experience to become an amazing actress.


 “I made a promise to myself I will never give up to continue to create my own work as an artist and a person. I feel so grateful that I have met so many amazing people through acting.” – Yu Sarah


 At the end of her two years, Sarah would sign with KC Talent under the formidable Roxanne Kinsman. It wasn’t long before she was out auditioning, and would soon land a supporting lead role in the web series “After Hours”.


 Sarah would follow this up with work on a commercial for Johnson and Johnson, this experience would prove to be unique as she would not only be hired as an actress but also as an interpreter. Sarah found this to be an amazing opportunity to learn so much more about filmmaking. 


 She recently landed a lead role in an indie film “Slapping Ninja vs The Space Monster” and a lead role in a second sci-fi web series called “Northern Base Adventures: Polaki Eclipse & Stranded”. 


 “I can’t believe how much I have been supported by all those wonderful people starting from New Image College. I still remember the first time I came to the school I knew immediately wanted to go to this school. I didn’t tell my parents and after I got accepted I told them I’m going to acting school. They were very surprised but couldn’t deny my decision. I only told them to trust me and asked them to give one year to go to school. Then even after one year, they gave me an extra year to study! I believe they are happy that I keep busy at what I really enjoy doing and have found who I really am.


 New Image College is my HOME in Canada and foundation of my artwork.” – Yu Sarah  


We are so proud of you Sarah! Your dedication and hard work will continue to pay off! We are thrilled to have you a part of the NIC family!