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How Exciting it must be to Graduate and then start working , Well this is what happened to Sakura Oyama. Co-op Fashion and Film Makeup Design Graduate Sakura Oyama lands a commercial produced by “Big Picture Content & Media”. Sakura is on her work portion of the program and when asked about her amazing first  Read more ➝

Fashion and Film graduate Iveta Duong is realizing her dreams , Iveta is working onset on the Movie “Times Helmut” with Actors Peter New , Lou Ticzon and Paula Burrows . This is a example of Nic`s Dedication to educating all of our Students so they Can Work. Congratulations to Iveta and keep it going .

Amy Ly is a recent graduate from our amazing Spa Diploma Program. She is now working at the Nordstrom’s Nail Bar in Downtown Vancouver! She will soon to become a Skin Specialist there too. She is currently training on the many skin care lines they carry there.   It’s always great to see our students succeeding  Read more ➝

“Who Will Save You From Yourself”   And clearly the answer is CHRISTINA APARRI! Christina is the lucky and highly talented winner of the Gemini Man Makeup Competition first prize! To see the amazing Before & After Old Age Makeup work that Christina produced, have look at the gallery below! To see more of her truly stellar work in general, please visit her  Read more ➝

New Image College’s Halloween party wasn’t just fun, it also saw some high stakes competition churn out some amazing Nail Artwork from our stellar Nails program students!   Congratulations to our very creative winners: 1st Place winner, Mojgan (@cuttie_nails); 2nd Place Winner, Anahita(@ananilzzzz); and our 3rd Place winner Ayuka (@nailsbyayuka)! Feel free to visit their Instagram portfolios to see more of what  Read more ➝

Mary Galloway has been an ongoing source of inspiration to students, alumni, staff, coworkers and so many more ever since she graduated from our Film Acting Conservatory, and as is apparently her ongoing tradition, she’s come out with even more to wow us with as she focuses her skills on her directorial debut on Spirit  Read more ➝

New Image College Film Acting Conservatory graduate Daren Locke booked a very high-paying commercial for, The Miners and is on hold for another one! Daren came to New Image College’s film acting conservatory program and worked very, very hard. That hard work and training paid off because since graduating Daren has acted in four films  Read more ➝

Another New Image College Film Acting Conservatory success story. Michael Sech found out what it’s like graduating from one of the very best film acting programs in the country. He just booked a great role in a movie that we can’t mention yet. But we can tell you this, Michael will be getting on an  Read more ➝

New Image College Film Acting Conservatory graduate, Yuki Morita had a memorable role in Ridley Scott- produced The Terror: Infamy. The opening scene where Yuki is in was premiered in Comic-Con in San Diego this August and since it aired on TV, her scene received great responses.    “This is the first and perhaps the most viscerally  Read more ➝

Important New York City / Vancouver Film and Television casting director Ann Forry is making her feature film directorial debut with a script she has written called SHALL WE PLAY. Ann Forry was determined to find the very best actors and she found four of them in New Image College’s Film Acting Conservatory!   New  Read more ➝