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Christa Mills, one of our 2017 alumni from the Fashion & Film Makeup Design program here at New Image College, competed at the IMATS Battle of the Brushes 2018!
With genuine pizzazz she fired up everything she learned combined with her natural artistic talent to create a piece that competed out there and did us proud.
And in true form to the culture we share with our students every day, she’s even come back to us to share her experiences. She let us know about how amazing the culture is in true southern hospitality style down in Atlanta, comparing it to Vancouver’s hipster style with a good dose of laid back warmth, and how being surrounded by so many creative artists was a true inspiration!
She’s even shared a couple tips for our students as they head out to compete in their own IMATS in the future! And we’ll have you know, we’ve got a solid history of alumni and students competing in these amazing events!
Here are her tips in her very own words:

  • Print all your travel documents, your invitation letter, and an itemized list of your kit. Keep a copy with you, I got drilled hard by border security (for about 45 minutes!) who wanted to make sure I wasn’t working illegally in the U.S.
  • Really explore your colour palettes. Use different hues. Go BOLD!
  • Schedule to get there more than a day early, and leave at least a day later. Take in the area around you, and give yourself time to breathe!
  • Plan ahead about flammable items, and talk to your airline before your travel date to see if they can accommodate.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a good costume. It really completes the look, and subconsciously is judged even if it’s not on paper.
  • Hone your skills on different skin tones. Vancouver is quite light on our palette, and it was really inspiring to be in a different demographic. I have a feeling my portfolio is going to get quite the shake up!

Thanks for the amazing share Christa, and again, we are so proud of you for having met this incredible challenge!

As ever, this is a great reminder of how our graduates work!