HomeAlumni Success“Elements Spa is a hidden gem in downtown Vancouver” by Zara Durrani

We were pleased to have Guest and new Friend Zara Durrani  to ELEMENTS Spa. There is never enough time in the day to Pamper yourself , even if you are a prominent figure in the Vancouver entertainment industry for almost a decade. Zara holds many titles including actress, model, television host, producer, director and activist. Through her work, she strives to make a positive difference in the world.

Having a writer and a wellness enthusiast here at Elements, feeds into Zara Durrani`s passion for wellness, healing and personal development , Zara`s produced & hosted national talk show Life & Style with Zara, helps her focus on healing and spirituality while inspiring her viewers. To add to her accolades  Zara is also a certified yoga instructor and has taught workshops & retreats in California & BC . ELEMENTS couldn’t ask for better devotee of relaxation and healing than Zara to experience a day in our Spa.