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Lifestyle blogger Maddy Loves stopped by The NIC Spa on Granville to receive a facial and a massage by one of our wonderful aestheticians Doris. Maddy raved about how effective her treatment was and was delighted by the fantastic affordability offered by The NIC Spa on Granville located in Downtown Vancouver.  Maddy concluded her experience with thoughts of returning with a group of friends to indulge in the fantastic spa treatments together, highly recommending The NIC Spa on Granville to readers. Maddy is welcome back anytime! Continue reading for more on Maddy’s experience.


Experience: super affordable facial and massage at NIC Spa in Vancouver



Last week, I was invited to experience the ultra affordable NIC Spa in Vancouver. NIC Spa is a spa that was opened by New Image College, a training institution located in Downtown Vancouver for those aspiring makeup artists, aestheticians, and more. The people who work at the NIC Spa are fully accredited grads from New Image College, with the purpose of providing them additional experience and opportunities to grow in their careers. The NIC Spa is located on the premises of New Image College, conveniently located on Granville between Smithe and Nelson, just a few minutes from several skytrain stops.


The menu at NIC Spa is super simple. It offers facials, massages, and manicure and pedicures. The price point? $20 for each type of service. Yes you read that right, TWENTY friggin DOLLARS! I was invited to try out a facial and massage. My entire service lasted just under 2 hours, and it would have cost me around $200-300 at another spa, but at NIC Spa it would only be $40 (plus tax and tip, of course).



The treatment rooms are essentially the treatment rooms used for classroom teaching, and there are a number of beds in one room, with curtains dividing each bed. When I was there, there was no one else but me in the entire room, so it was quiet and private. The multi-bed rooms actually make it perfect for when you and your friends want to indulge in a spa party. While at most other spas, this wouldn’t be possible because there’s at most 2 beds in a room, you can seriously have a great time, perhaps for your friend’s bachelorette party?


My aesthetician was Doris. She started me face down for my massage first. I opted for an aromatherapy Swedish massage. Doris’s pressure was firm, and I could feel the stress relieved through my body. She definitely used copious amounts of oil to make sure that the strokes were smooth and easy on my body.


After she cleansed my skin and removed my makeup, she did a skin analysis to help identify the state of my skin and the type of treatment I needed. She and I both concluded that I have dry skin (surprise, surprise), and that I needed some extra hydration. In addition to an exfoliating mask, she also used a moisturizing mask, plus plenty of facial, neck, head, and shoulder massage. While I felt like she was a tiny bit rough compared to other facial experiences I had, I was still pretty happy with it just because of the affordability, and also my skin felt pretty damn nice after I left. The most important part of a facial is how effective it is, isn’t that right?



While I wouldn’t say it was the most luxurious or relaxing spa experience, it was seriously a fantastic value for just $20 for each service. I can opt to have an entire spa day, pampering my body, face, fingers, and toes, for under $100, and that’s amazing in a city where it’s becoming harder and  harder to afford anything but the necessities. I’ve recommended this spa to a number of my friends, and I can see myself gathering friends to come here for spa parties as well.


I highly recommend checking out NIC Spa, located at:
987 Granville St
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L3
(604) 685 8842


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All treatments are offered for only $20.00!


Call 604-685-8842 to make an appointment.