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Not many sculptures can say that the first sculpt they ever made was in the original series, The X Files. But, like we said, not many, except New Image College’s sculpting expert Gideon Hay.


Gideon was raised in BC and found his love for the messy art by idolizing the likes of stop-motion creature, and all around makeup icon Ray Harryhausen “I actually got to meet him on the set of Deep Rising. I’d been watching his films since I was a kid, Jason and the Argonauts, its what made we want to become a makeup artist”.


Gideon started playing around with sculpting toward the end of high school, soon after enrolled into Emily Carr “Then one day I just decided I wanted to move to L.A”. Gideon packed up his things and moved to the Golden State, soon find himself learning sculpting techniques from Prime-time Emmy award winner Michael Key. “Its what got my started into making creatures”.


Gideon shortly returned to his native Vancouver and began working on film and television shows like Reboot, Final Destination 2, Scary Movie 3, Chronicles of Riddick, X-Men: The Last Stand, Snakes on a Plane and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. “It all just began to snowball”. And snowball it has; Gideon has worked on dozens of iconic TV and film productions, working with the likes of Vin Diesel, the Wayans brothers and Nicholas Cage, “In the film the Wickerman, when Cage is holding the burnt doll… it’s kind of funny cause the scene has become iconic for being so bad, but I actually made that doll”.


As a full IATSE 891 member for scenic building and sculpting Gideon understands that you must constantly be developing your artistic eye “I have always learned so much from just watching and observing”. When Gideon finds time from his busy schedule working on studio projects like Star Trek and the The X Files reboot he is in our classrooms training our students, “We want students that aren’t afraid to be open and take advice and critique. You have to always be willing to change and improve”.


Gideon’s mellow and friendly attitude, mixed with years of on-set and in shop experience makes him the perfect mentor for new and experienced sculptures, “A lot of the students become uptight. They don’t think they are good artists or can become good artists. I like to be someone who helps them draw their natural abilities out of them. This doesn’t have to be scary and intimidating”.


As a veteran teacher with New Image College, Gideon brings his rear-world experiences with him everyday he steps into the classroom “Even though I’m the teacher, I am constantly learning from my students. They bring fresh ideas everyday, and its a fantastic place for both teacher and student to learn”.