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Adriana Salgado was part of our April 2017 group of the Beauty Makeup Artist Co-Op program. Before even her graduation, Adriana has been working at Sephora Robson in downtown. She has been using her new learned skills and techniques as a Colour Consultant.


Adriana applies makeup daily using products such as foundations, eyeshadows, highlight and contour, etc. She helps her clients put together a whole look and find the right beauty products for their skin.


When asked about how the Program helped her achieve success in the industry, Adriana
doesn’t hesitate: “I believe the program gave me the foundation and the necessary knowledge to be able to carry out my work with security and success as well as develop my skills to
continue to achieve my goals.”


Adriana loves working with makeup and finds it fun, creative and amusing. The best part, she says, is when she sees her clients are happy with her work.


Way to go Adriana!