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Mom and daughter team Irena and Natasha Kolvenoski graduated from the Spa Technician program with big dreams of one day opening up their own spa.


The pair moved to Canada from their native Russia in 2000, soon after moving the two found themselves in Vancouver’s elite Esthetician  program. The mother and daughter team tirelessly juggled their schooling with the development plans for the spa, “We were doing assignments and our practicum during the day and at night we would go home and look over our plans” says Irena Kolesnikova.


The long time dream would finally become a reality when the pair founded the amply named, “Euro Charm: Skincare and Body Clinic Inc.”. In recent years the family spa has began to quickly gain in popularity, now open six days a week in Vancouver – located at 3401 East Hastings St.The spa offers the latest in wellness programs, laser face and body treatments, hair rejuvenation and teeth whitening to only name a few.


Daughter Natasha says, “You have to just put the goal in front of you and work till you reach it”. It’s a drive and motivation the pair share that has made them one of New Image College’s proud Esthetician  graduates and owners of one of Vancouver’s premiere spa’s.


“To be on the top of providing the latest services you must train…” – Irina Kolesnikova


To see their website and book yourself in for your service visit: http://www.eurocharm.ca/