HomeNIC CommunityNew Image College Debuts Its New Student Computer Lab!

New Image College is committed to bringing the best for our students, which now includes a new Computer Lab! Our students have been using the new lab as a tool to further succeed in their education and career.

Access to these computers and the right programs, allow our students, Makeup and Special Effects in particular, to work on editing photos for their portfolios and projects! Merging technology, along with our hands on technology is just another way New Image College is helping our students get ahead and get the most from their education!

As a career development tool, our students use the lab to work on their portfolios, resumes, completing job searches (in addition to our daily updated job board) and researching current industry trends to keep them up to date in the workforce. Career development is an integral component to ensuring our Graduates are work and career ready when they leave our campus. Having the right tools to make that a reality is what we strive for here at New Image College!