HomeNIC CommunityNew Image College is thrilled to announce another successful OPEN HOUSE

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what you might expect when attending a New Image College Open House; than allow us to set the stage.


Our open house always begins at the relative hour of 5pm, not too early, not too late, but nice and cozy in the middle. At first the air is brisk with final preparations, the food plates have been set, the wine has been chilled and our spa has been prepared for our guests that will soon arrive.


The minute hand turns and the hour hits five. New Image students kick it in to gear and are eager to showcase why we believe our students are the best at what they do, and why they love what they do so much.


You soon arrive off the elevator, you are greeted with warmth and enthusiastic welcomes. You linger for a bit but you will soon find yourself stepping into our black box theater. Inside you ill find some of New Image’s finest and  most successful acting instructors Raugi Yu (Mr. Young) and Zahf Paroo (Seventh Son) hosting live improve games. The two team up and encourage our invited guests, students and alumni alike to join the fray and get in on the action! It’s fun, lose, and a great way to see the spirit and excitement that makes New Image College’s students so successful.  And yes! Graduates are always welcomed back, cause in the words of a Scorsese movie (I’m sure) “Once you’re family, you’re always family”.


Walking down the hallway and peering through the doors into our makeup studios, you catch glimpses of eager makeup students hard at work – each desperately trying to prepare their models and beat the clock for the photo shoot taking place in the main atrium . Time is of the essence as they delve into the word of high fashion and creature effects, creating stunning works of art that could be ready for the stage or screen.


As you head through the halls it is common to be swept up in the ere of positivity and excitement for the arts that radiates through the college.


It is now 7pm, you’ve had some complimentary appies, maybe a nice wine, you’ve laughed and been crazy with our actors, you’ve been inspired and transported to the world of creation and imagination with our makeup students, now you are finally ready to be relaxed and de-stressed with our Spa Students.


You head back down the hall, past our makeup studios bustling with creation, past our actors laughing and screaming, tempting you to join again, past our complimentary food and beverages, and into the serenity and warmth of our spa. Our gentle and experienced graduates guide you to one of our beds, you fall backwards and drift to sleep as you are treated to a mini facial, manicure, pedicure or massage.


It’s 8:30, you wake up, radiating, relaxed, you slowly head back outside, you step into the elevator, inspired and amazed. The doors close and you can’t wait till our next one.


Our next Open House comes to you on May 26th located on our campus. We invite you down, meet and greet, jump into the improvisation class, have some drinks and appies, check out the amazing makeup and photo shoot and book a session with the spa. Come and see why our students love what they do, come and see why why you would love it too.