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NIC is thrilled to say that for the 4th time our hardworking students have taken home “1st Place” for Character/Prosthetic creation!


The 2017 International Make-up Artist Trade Show provided a fantastic year for our students. The event is the most prestigious of its kind, allowing graduating/graduated makeup students to compete against each other in the “Battle of the Brushes” – gaining critique from top industry heavyweights and international exposure for their work.


NIC is thrilled that we were able to sponsor all students/alumni who were accepted into official competition. The school was a buzz when it was officially announced that two NIC students, Elise Adams and Kiana Larson were chosen to compete in the “Character/Prosthetic” category – a category with only 8 applicants!


Kiana Larson


Raised in Hawaii, Kiana traveled to Vancouver, Canada to attend New Image College’s Fashion and Film Makeup Design program. After graduating successfully, Kiana continued on and was accepted into NIC’s one-of-a-kind Cutting Edge: Advanced Prosthetics program. With her advanced training in airbrushing, sculpting, and an atmosphere that allowed her to create her own characters from scratch, Kiana was prepared for the success she would later receive at IMATS.


Kiana’s modified alien creation was inspired by this years theme of “Guardians of the Galaxy”, with her fellow NIC alumni, Roberto Lanzes bringing the character to life, the pair excelled in their creation and took home 1st Place!
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Elise Adams


First discovering NIC at one of our community event, Elise Adams graduated from New Image College’s Fashion and Film Makeup Design program.


After completing successfully, Elise wanted to continue to hone her sculpting and creative talents, inspiring her to apply for NIC’s Cutting Edge: Advanced Prosthetics program.


Being encouraged by NIC apply for IMATS 2017, Elise was thrilled to be officially accepted as part of the 8 competitors in the “Battle of the Brushes” Character/Prosthetics creation category.


“NIC really helped me apply for IMATS. They encouraged me and made more confident in my skills… they were super excited [for me] and supportive!… It really went a long way to help the creature come together!”


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