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New Image College is excited to have welcome back Matty Lutz! Matty is not only a make-up artist with TV & film experience in advanced make-up and prosthetics, but also a NIC Alumni! It was a proud moment for us here at NIC to welcome back one of our own, especially as a guest speaker, educating our students!

This was a great opportunity to hear an industry professional, but more importantly, a NIC graduate who was able to carve his way onto working in the TV and Film industry.  Matty has worked on hit TV shows such as Supernatural and Once Upon A Time, in addition to his stellar film work that can be seen on Power Rangers and American Conjuring!

Here’s what some of our students and attendees had to say:

“Matty Lutz gave an amazing presentation on his experiences in the makeup industry, accompanied by two demos on a fellow student! Throughout his time, Matty explained to us how to get into, and do well in the film industry by sharing his different experiences. After talking about that for sometime he gave two incredible demos. First he set up a wound which he embedded a silver bullet into. Once it was in there he set up blood rigging for the realistic wound…”

…he showed us how he does a tattoo cover-up, a skill that is used very often in the industry. Overall, it was a very interesting and informative presentation. If he was to come back to New Image I’d recommend seeing him there!”

-Christian Parsons

“Meeting Matty Lutz was a great opportunity, I was able to add to my notes about moving into the industry and also how to take a step back. Getting to hear about the fun experiences he’s had makes me really excited to go into this field! Learning and taking notes during his blood rig demo was awesome, and now I feel like it’s something I could do myself! Watching him do the demonstration and explaining his tools and materials was really engaging. His atmosphere is something that comes from having a lot of experience which makes it feel casual, something I aspire to have. Something I’d like to participate in the future, is the simulation scenarios he described. He was very encouraging and gave many ideas on how to expand portfolios!”

-Oliver Murphy

Thanks for stopping by Matty!