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Mathew Modine would be propelled to international stardom when director Robert Altman cast Modine as the title character Billy, in the film adaption Steamers, based on the David Rabe’s play with the same name. In the following years Modine would go on to due numerous memorable films, including Birdie, The Hotel New Hampshire, Mrs. Soffel and the infamous Full Metal Jacket, by director Stanley Kubrick.


Throughout his thirty three year career Modine has constantly surprised audiences with a long list of diverse characters and influential films. He has worked with some the most highly regarded directors of our age, including Christopher Nolan, Oliver Stone and Spike Lee. Matthew has possessed an incredible passion for young artists, and an unparalleled kindness. A kindness that New Image College students and alumni alike have been so blessed to experience on several occasions.


Modine shares his incredible knowledge, advice and stories of the business with our aspiring artists. He continues to provide an active interest in the growth and development of our acting students whenever filming in Vancouver.


On behalf of New Image College, its faculty, active students, and alumni alike, we thank Matthew Modine for his invaluable time and wisdom, and anxiously await our next NIC TALK.


Watch Mathew Modine’s NIC Talk session below for an incredible look into what happens during a NIC Talk and the genuine brilliance of the guest.


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