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New Image College is the most preferred film school in the Vancouver. The faculty of this school provides intense training to the learner to enhance their each and every aspect of their inner talent. The number one reason of being preferred by the learners is that NIC gives the chance to learn from the award-winning industry artists and through live theatrical performances.


NIC is a different film school. To get admission in their film school, the learner has to register for the audition. They select the candidates after measuring their performance in the audition. After passing the audition, the learner can enroll into 2 YEARS acting conservatory, which runs for 65.5 weeks and 1960 hours.


Here is what does NIC do for the learners –


Training With Working Actors, Directors and Writers
NIC invites those actors, directors and writers to their film school who have gained a reputation in the TV & Film industry. When the students get the chance to learn from them, they learn better. Learning with the working people of the film industry is also beneficial from the perspective of landing a job in the same industry.


Live Theater Performances
The students have to give theater performance in front of live audience. More than two live performances have to be given by the NIC students. To give live performance creates enthusiasm in the students. When they perform in front of their instructors and co-learners, they are not very much conscious about their act and tend to make mistakes. But, when they are asked to perform in front of the live audience, they work hard for improving their drawbacks.


Teach Audition Techniques Create Demo Reel
NIC teaches special audition techniques to the learners. Plus, they conduct final auditions with well-known casting directors and agents. Apart from this, when the students complete their course duration, NIC creates a demo reel of every student. That demo reel works as a portfolio of the student.


If you are very serious about making your career in the film & television industry, then we would suggest you register for the NIC audition. Visit the official website of NIC for registration and to obtain the complete information about their acting program.