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New Image Conservatory Acting Students: This is the benchmark you all want to strive for. Where you inspire your teachers!


This is sage advice from one of the industry’s very best Fraser Corbett.


This was a letter that was included for the action actor students of the group 47.  The instructor Fraser Corbett reached out to inspire them as they inspired him. Both students and teacher strived for excellence. 



Your amazing work ethic and eagerness to learn and participate was truly inspiring. It gives me great hope that our industry will have not only talented but kind, respectful, keen, and loving actors joining our community when you graduate. I would like to impress upon you to push yourselves and your tribe to be the best version of yourself. Always strive for a healthier, harder working, even more, positive version of yourself. And remember there are thousands of actors in this city, be the hardest working and you will work.


I know I said I wouldn’t grade you… I think grades are just a silly letter or number, and when it comes to measuring an actor’s talent I think the only honest evaluation comes from within the actor themselves. When you really do the work (a lot of work) and commit to your task or scene or story or fight or whatever only you truly know whether you gave it 100% or not and that I think is the only way to measure your performance. And maybe by the number of tomatoes you dodge after a show. That being said, you are attending a very high-class school which has to abide by certain standards which require me to grade you…


I wish you all the best of luck with much success, continue to work hard, and be thirsty for knowledge and skills you can add to your bag of tricks. Breathe, roll your shoulders back, and be 2 inches taller. And make it about your partner(s) or the other person, make it about the story, make it about the world around, not about yourself.”


Cheers, Fraser Corbett