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If you are a professional makeup artist in Vancouver, then the chances are you have heard of Shimon Karmel. Shimon is one of Vancouver’s most sought-after editorial photographers with a resume that spans over 10 years.”I became a photographer because I wanted to work independently and create my own body of work.”

With a such a unique style and professional portfolio that boast pieces that ran in Rolling Stones Magazine and Decibel Magazine you would assume Shimon has been practicing photography since he was a child, “When I was 21, living in Toronto trying to pursue an acting career I had an epiphany, I knew as a photographer I would work and live the style of life I wanted”.

Shimon’s diverse skill set spans from shooting actor head shots, editorial pieces, band covers and even directing. “I have been fortunate in my career to not be limited to the conventional style of photography”. In fact, the word conventional doesn’t even begin to describe the shutter on Shimon’s camera. His unique style has gained him notoriety throughout North America, earning him the prestigious Applied Arts Award in 2014. “It has been an incredible journey, and a journey that I am now able to share with my students”.

Shimon brings his hands-on, energetic but no nonsense style of teaching to the classroom. “Our goal is to give NIC students the knowledge and understanding to be the best photographers possible. At the end of the day, we teach, so you can work. And you have to have a good portfolio to do that, period.”

Other career highlights include directing a series of documentaries for Converse that aired nationally in the States. “I have become successful because of my persistence. Of not giving up. Each day I work away, slowly but surely and you will see that success happens”.


When New Image’s makeup students aren’t being guided by Shimon’s wealth of experience and knowledge in our classrooms, he is busy shooting Vancouver’s rising stars and producing a three series portrait exhibit, showcasing Vancouver’s world renown actors, comedians and heavy metal artists. “Teaching is my give back. It allows me to impart my knowledge on our industries next generation of talent”.