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Millions were inspired around the globe by Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller” music video. Young children would sit at home and idolize the pop sensation, mimicking his every move and lyric. Tanya Yeats’ adolescent obsession was equal in measure, though she was fixated on an entirely different aspect of the video… the werewolves.
“I remember thinking how incredible the makeup was. The minute I saw it I wanted to know everything about it.”

As life would have it, Tanya’s desire to be a makeup artist and hair stylist was not what brought her to Vancouver “I came to Van to be an actor”. She decided to study the craft as a way to make her a more dimensional performer, but after graduating at the top of her class her passion had changed.

At the age of 21, Tanya would book her first union gig on a film called, “Spiral Staircase”. It would be the beginning of a career that would span over 16 years. “I feel so blessed to have been able to have a career in both fields, makeup and hair”.

Tanya, who is a full member with IATSE 891 and a permeate with ACFC West local 20/20 has an impressive resume that includes notable shows as Merlin’s Apprentice, The 100, Once Upon a Time, Cedar Cove and most recently the T.V show which is based off the Oscar nominated film with the same name, “Minority Report”, starring Meagan Good. “I am in a position where I can chose more interesting and out of the box shows”.

It is a position that has required years of dedication, skill and passion in an industry she calls home. “It has been so cool for me to take things I see on set and bring them into the classroom for our students to learn. All the looks we are working on in class at the moment, were at one point used in ‘Minority Report'”.

Tanya brings an immense wealth of knowledge and on set experience into the classroom on a daily basis. She works hard to develop makeup artists that have the capability to understand both fields, capabilities that make our students diverse and valuable assets to the film community.

“The reason I teach, is for that moment when you see a student break through their challenges and finally understand it. That split second of realization. That’s why I do my job”.

Tanya’s veteran teaching experiences and laid back demeanour will nurture your creativity in the classroom. “I want our students to find success. We are always looking for talented people.”