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Professional Makeup Artist for 7 years, Teresa is known for her darkly whimsical and provocative makeup applications for Stage, High Fashion Runway and Fine Art Photography. Her work has been a strong supporter and influence on Vancouver’s alternative music, fashion and art scene.

Her 20+ year history as an Artist is firmly rooted in the world of Theatre/Fine Arts and Subculture, giving her style and instinct a unique edge. “I don’t want to date myself, but as an 80’s kid, it was the new wave music video’s that really inspired me. Makeup was my escape. It was my wardrobe to whole other world”.

As a drama geek with a deep love for anything artistic, Tesesa began on her journey over ten years ago while studying at Mount Royal University “I was in a theatre arts diploma program. I wanted to study acing, but it was the makeup for TV and film that really caught my eye”.
After graduating Teresa immediately enrolled into makeup school. After completing the program with top marks she was hired by her formal school “Mount Royal brought me back to teach advanced makeup applications”.

“I started to do a lot of high fashion, event makeups, makeup for runway and the stage, I just wanted to do it all”. Tesesa has immense experience in a broad spectrum of the industry, from keying the makeup department for Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week, to lending her makeup skills to the 2010 opening and closing ceremonies for the Olympic, and Paralympic Games.
“I always tell our students that you have to ignore the ego. Its very important for an artist not to listen to the voice of fear in your head. You can’t let yourself hinder your potential”.

It is a mindset that has made Teresa highly sought after in the Vancouver music industry, having keyed music video’s for the for the likes of “Left Spine Down” and Crystal Precious. “I teach cause I want to connect with my students on a real level. We give you the skills to be an amazing artist; but its your attitude that makes you an incredible artist”. When Teresa isn’t sculpting our students in the classrooms she is shooting music videos, keying fashion shows and working with Be Brutally Beautiful; a boutique makeup and photography company that works in capturing artists unique corporate image.
“When it comes to makeup artistry, I constantly remind my students that we are story tellers too. No less then any actor or director. We are an important part of the visual element of story telling. We are visual artists”.

Teresa is a soft and gentle soul with a vast understanding of the industry, and the professionalism that is required to succeed in it. “The first time I walked into the classroom full of students I was nervous. I was nervous but also excited. They were all at the point where I remember being at once, and its constantly inspiring for me to watch them learn and grow.”