HomeAlumni SuccessTom Sosnowski is a 2019 Leo Nominee!

New Image College alumni Tom Sosnowski has been nominated for Best Make-up on a Dramatic Series for work on the series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Dreams in a Witch House!!
Tomasz completed the Fashion & Film Make-up Design Program at NIC back in mid 2011 and was an excellent student that kept hitting the mark while also going above and beyond! He constantly volunteered for projects, went to the London IMATS, and just kept proving himself again and again.
He came to us an artist hungry to learn and do more with talents he’d been developing his entire life, starting with simple tools such as waxed crayons as a child and constantly evolving both his medium and his tools, which took him far beyond and into becoming an intern for SFX Studio as part of its Make-up Effects Lab. He then found New Image, a place where the opportunity to fully bloom into a medium he’d fallen in love with became reality.
After New Image he went on to produce amazing work for different projects, even getting featured by the Vancouver Sun for an article on work produced for the TV Show Gotham, and has just kept proving that when you put the work, passion and creativity into anything you do, you are bound to become a success!
We are very proud of you Tom, we wish you the best of luck on this nomination! It’s always great to see the amazing skills our students have developed since being with us, and watching you grow on your creative paths to success is the greatest reward possible for our entire community!
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