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New Image College is a reputed institution providing acting classes in Vancouver. This acting school is very different from other schools. The school teaches acting in the real environment with real actors and with advanced techniques. One can join this school for getting started with acting as well as for getting advanced level training. This acting school has got two different programs for the beginner and trained students to build up and to enhance the acting skills.


Let us have a look at those programs. Before that, we would like to let you know about the best aspect of NIC’s acting classes that they focus on the growth of each student of the batch. They believe that each student keeps different capability and skill set. Therefore, they emphasize on individual training. Now, let us get back to the point, here is the NIC’s acting programs.


Film Acting Year 1

NIC gives 960 hours (32 weeks) training in “Year 1” program. In this program, they focus on “self-discovery” of the learners. NIC calls award winning artists to provide live acting lessons to the students. The students learn to analyse the script and act accordingly. During the practice sessions, the trainers teach to control the voice according to the expressions. Having to fun filled (yet rigorous) training sessions, the students get the chance to perform in the live theatre modules, in front of live audience. These activities bring a big amount of confidence in the learners and sharpen their skills.


Film Acting Year 2

In the “Year 2” program, the learners are taught serious acting lessons. Students are given 1000 hours (33.5 weeks) training in the real environment and with the real actors. The NIC promotes its students by making demo films. Those demo films act like the portfolio of the new actors. Plus, students are taught how to face auditions with confidence when famous film & TV personalities are sitting in front of them. Add to this, the NIC invites the reputed casting directors and agents for taking audition of their students.

Within two years, the students learn so much with award-winning actors and live theatre performances that they get successful in taking entry into the TV and Film world. We are sure that you are very curious to know more about this acting school. So, www.newimage.ca is the online address of NIC. You can obtain complete information about acting courses and their coaching methods.