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In the previous article ‘So what exactly is prosthetic makeup effects?’ I explained when prosthetics were born and why it is used in the film industry. In this article I will try to show you why it is essential to learn prosthetic makeup…


Over the past few decades the Makeup industry has grown steadily, the Harry Potter franchise has had a big influence in the popularity of Prosthetics and Special Makeup Effects. The main reason has been the time we were given the time to advance the quality of prosthetics and the way they are made. A core team of us have revolutionized the way in which prosthetics are made and glued onto actors.


More and more films are being shot over in the time and even though the Harry Potter films have finished, the industry has never been busier. Most big budget films that come into the market are seen as franchise movies with at least 3 or 4 sequels from each movie.


Even though advances in digital technology means that films like Avatar and its 3 upcoming sequels are being made, they still use Practical ‘lighting models’ which keep prosthetic artists employed for many years, and when Jurassic Park came out over 20 years ago, we all thought that practical effects would become obsolete in fact it’s had the opposite reaction. It’s opened up the doors to make anything now and prosthetics and visual effects go hand in hand.


There is also more and more make up festivals happening around the world (Zombie Aid walk  and TV’s Face Off) because of the high demand for make-up and prosthetic makeup. Also the fashion industry are using more prosthetic makeup in their fashion shows, going more extreme, wanting to be more creative, modern. What is more, the music industry is using more prosthetics for their music videos mostly to shock their audience. Adverts are using prosthetic makeup to promote their products; also prosthetics is used more in TV dramas, because of the more dramatic story lines.


Prosthetic work is growing and so we need to train new people to build these amazing creations, I am a prosthetics artists but I also do sculpture, Marquette work (these are small figures that help the director, producers, Visual effects artists see what the character will eventually look like in many months time).