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Conservatory Acting Graduate’s Paul Greiner and Kindall Charters have both been cast in a secret major tv show shooting in Budapest. That’s right Europe!!!! This has been a life long dream for both actors. To be traveling and acting in a film. Paul and Kindall worked very hard and excelled in their studies while attending  Read more ➝

New Image College Acting Graduate Seth Whittaker has booked a role on the much anticipated Netflix series “Altered Carbon”. Seth worked very very hard while he attended New Image College’s Film Acting Conservatory Program and his hard work is paying off. His agent Andrew Webster from Webster Talent witnessed Seth’s talent when he saw him during  Read more ➝

New Image College Acting Graduate Gary Starkell reoccurs on “SUPERGIRL!!!! While attending New Image College’s Conservatory Acting Program Gary was an amazing student, always doing extra for everyone. Then after he graduated, Gary was our regular go-to alumni student, we wanted to include him in everything and he always wanted to be involved with everything; our feature  Read more ➝

New Image Acting alumni Michelle Cyr is a recent graduate of New Image College’s acting program and has already hit the ground running. Currently, she is acting in “THE TAMING OF THE SHREW” and at the same time is shooting a new web-series called “TIPS”. Michelle while attending New Image College not only excelled in  Read more ➝

It all started when Jarod Joseph packed up a few belongings and relocated to Vancouver in hopes of trying his luck as an actor. Shortly after arriving Jarod started the film acting conservatory program at New Image College. After he graduated, in a relatively quick manner, Jarod had established himself as a newcomer to watch  Read more ➝

Ronald just has been cast on the hit series “ROGUE” and the new series “FREQUENCY”. He also has a recurring character on “SUPERNATURAL”. Ronald was first to arrive at class and last to leave. He would not only learn his lines but would know everybody else’s as well. The hardest working acting student to date.  Read more ➝

New Image College Conservatory Acting Graduate Regan Ross books “ROGUE” and is on hold for Antoine Fuqau’s new series “ICE”. Regan was a very hard working student. She was always first to arrive and last to leave Regan’s hard work paying off. Some of her recent credits include. “Girl Friends Guide to Divorce”, “Supernatural” CONGRATULATIONS  Read more ➝

Our very own Amir Aghelnejad, known to us as an excellent screenwriter, director, producer and head of New Image Entertainment, has been nominated for Best Screenwriting for the Short DramaHomemade! Amir has been a professional director and editor for over ten years and is known for Homemade (2018), The Devil’s Bill (2012) and Among Us (2017). With stints as an MTV television segment producer  Read more ➝

Recently awarded a Badass Award, our very own Philip Granger (Head of our Acting Department) continues to prove himself again and again as a superb actor and director with a career that not only shines from the diversity of roles and productions he has been involved in, but that is also an example that he constantly  Read more ➝