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Here is what Izumi Hasegawa (Shimisu) from Japan is up to. She was an international student in Vancouver. Words from Izumi: “It was a very excellent experience for me. I love New Image College. I would like to shre the prestige of your school to other international students like me in Japan. Now I work  Read more ➝

Miellyn is a well rounded and gifted student that came to us to study both Beauty Makeup Art as well as Fashion & Film Makeup Design. Skills she has obtained, fine-tuned, and is now clearly applying in the best of ways on her path to the Makeup SFX industry. She is a genuine inspiration to  Read more ➝

Elise landed herself a job at LSFX Studio, which is conveniently located in the “heart” of the Vancouver film community. The 5,000 square foot studio called Lindala Schminken fx inc, has been the top, go-to makeup effects studio in Western Canada for more than 25 years. They specialize in creating character prosthetics, animatronics, creatures, and  Read more ➝

Natasha has so much talent, we aren’t surprised she landed herself an awesome job doing makeup fx so soon. She works for Werner Pretorius, an artist with over 23 years of experience as a sculptor and designer, and Richard Darwin who has been doing professional makeup for over 25 years specializing in animatronics. Amazing Ape  Read more ➝

Kiana Larson is now working at WCT Productions with Bill Terezakis. Bill is known for his work on X-Men 2, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I Robot, and the X-Files. Makeup artist Magazine says: “TV series The X-Files, returns to television as a six-episode miniseries. The revival features most of the original department  Read more ➝

Kayla was the key makeup artist behind “Cryptos”, with star Richard Harmon! NIC is proud to say that Kayla is an inspiration to all students past and present.

ANOTHER NEW IMAGE COLLEGE MAKE UP SUCCESS STORY:  New Image College make up graduate Elizabeth Newman was invited to do the make up demo for the VANCOUVER ISLAND SOUTH FILM AND MEDIA COMMISSION CAREER EVENT After only having graduated three short years ago. What a great honor! Elizabeth was in the military for 22 years  Read more ➝

Success Story! New Image College Alumni, Rose Weeks rocked it at the PNE this year doing airbrushing and special fx at the New Image College booth with Virgin Radio. See her working her Makeup FX Magicduring Fright Nights at the PNE starting October 7th. Rose is now working as 2nd assist on set for the  Read more ➝