Another New Image College Makeup Success Story

ANOTHER NEW IMAGE COLLEGE MAKE UP SUCCESS STORY:  New Image College make up graduate Elizabeth Newman was invited to do the make up demo for the VANCOUVER ISLAND SOUTH FILM AND MEDIA COMMISSION CAREER EVENT After only having graduated three short years ago. What a great honor!

Elizabeth was in the military for 22 years and was injured in Afghanistan while on a tour. When she returned to Canada she had to retrain for a new career. Elizabeth thought with all she has seen during her time in the military that she could recreate effects for film, using make up. She came to New Image College’s Make Up Program where she worked on every school film project she could. One of the films was called “CONG” about Vietnam. She did an amazing job on everything she worked on.

The great thing is once she graduated she had several IMDB credits, and because of this, when she returned to the island she was able to attract the attention of several local production companies. Since that time she has been working full time as a make-up artist, and is loving her new career. We are so proud of Elizabeth!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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