Professional Makeup Artist

Explore makeup art and turn your passion into a career

Professional Makeup Artist

Explore makeup art and turn your passion into a career

Professional training for makeup artists

Whether your interest lies in working for world-renowned companies such as MAC, Sephora and Loreal, or have an entrepreneurial mind, this program can supply you with the skills to get you there.

As Vancouver’s Art industry continues to grow, so do your opportunities for business in this lucrative sector.

New Image College takes pride in providing the skills that have allowed our makeup alumni to successfully establish independent bridal and freelance companies that operate around the World.


22-week program

Fast-track your makeup knowledge and skills through our accelerated program.

Hands-on approach

Discover new techniques and put them into practice right away with our creative projects.

Fundamentals, Hair, Wedding and Fashion

Explore makeup fundamentals to High Fashion Editorial and Runway makeup.

Kit Included

Fully equipped professional makeup kit with products and tools you need to explore makeup art.

Program Overview

Expand your skills and express your creativity through makeup art

In this Professional Makeup Artist program, students learn and experience practical, hands-on teaching.
Students are first introduced to the fundamentals of makeup knowledge, safety procedures and applications. They discover, practice, and understand basic skincare, colour theory, product knowledge and correct equipment use.

Students then explore basic hair styling and design for film, fashion, weddings, and special events. This naturally merges with a course in bridal where students discover the wedding industry business and the makeup designs that go with it.

Expert instructors

NIC’s teachers are experienced and talented individuals, guiding students from fundamentals to the most advanced techniques. NIC has a solid experience teaching students for over 43 years and helping each one to not only develop the skills and techniques necessary to work but how to build their career path for their future.

Project-Based learning

NIC’s practical approach to learning gives the students the opportunity to apply and validate the theory they just learned, reinforcing each lesson in-depth. While working on your project you will be guided and receive essential feedback to improve and achieve higher levels each time.

Professional makeup training for future makeup professionals.

Whether you are a makeup enthusiast just starting out or a passionate makeup amateur, the Professional Makeup Artist program is designed to take you to the next level. We want to expand your skillset and provide you with the knowledge and tools to express yourself, experiment with different techniques and accomplish any look you envision.

Work as a Makeup Artist

From freelancing individual projects and marketing yourself as a makeup artist to working in photo shoots and fashion shows, Professional Makeup Artists alumni join the industry at the top level.

Work as an independent freelancer, business owner and much more

The career opportunities for makeup artists are diverse, whether you want to work independently on different projects, work as a makeup consultant or cosmetic specialist, you are given the tools to explore and choose your own path.

Courses Included

The Professional Makeup Artist curriculum was thoughtfully designed to provide intensive training and quickly enable students to start a career in makeup artistry.

Successful makeup artists build their artistic skills upon a strong foundation of technical knowledge. Students learn to analyze the face, lips, nose, and eyes. They discover the evolution of makeup through the different eras, beginning in the 1930s till present.

Students absorb the techniques to properly apply makeup for different gender and skin types. This course will also teach the importance of creating professional face charts and tear sheets. By completion, students will be fully capable of applying shaping, highlighting, and contouring

Students discover how to utilize hair to give themselves a professional advantage. Students learn industry hair braiding, styling, updos, and backcombing techniques to create the perfect design and bring their makeup look to completion!

This course orientates the students with the skills required to work in the booming bridal industry. Beginning with day and evening looks, students are taught how to design wedding makeups that complement individual styles and cultural traditions. Students practice the cultural traditions that change throughout North America, South Asia, and India.

This industry is fast-paced and requires the artist to create specific looks that meet the vision of designers and their campaigns. This course educates students on how to master working under pressure while developing extravagant designs. Students discover how to satisfy the needs of their designer while remaining artistically expressive.

Every makeup artist needs a solid resume and portfolio to jump-start their career. In this module, students will learn about resume formatting and various platforms to showcase their work. They will have the opportunity to build their online portfolio with all the amazing work they have completed in the program thus far.

This course is designed to simulate the working conditions of a runway event. Students learn how to create detailed face charts, work from an existing design or tear-sheet, and discover the ins and outs of fashion etiquette. The Fashion Industry is limitless, this course will help students discover where their unique style fits in its evolving landscape.

Vancouver’s film industry has expanded to the 2nd largest in North America. This course will focus on headshot photography. Students learn how to adjust makeup to the requirements of both performer and photographer; accentuating the makeup to fit their particular brand.

Students will discover how an artist needs to adjust their work to suit all lighting types, in-studio photography, or urban shoots. In collaboration with our acting department, students have live experience shooting actors’ headshots.

Everyone knows that lighting plays as much of a key role during a photoshoot as the model, wardrobe, and makeup. This course educates students on how an artist can utilize this tool to enhance their work. Understanding the professional lingo, experimenting with different lighting techniques, and how to photograph their work, are all elements of this essential course. NIC’s photographer mentor will shoot, analyze, and strengthen their skills throughout the duration.

Expanding upon the previous course, students will now be introduced to the more advanced techniques required to master monochromatic, black, and white, pop art, and creative makeup. In this section, students create several complete looks while utilizing their new skills to take amazing portfolio pieces.

Fundamentals, Wedding, Beauty and Fashion makeup

Build a makeup portfolio

Showcase your work in professional photo shoots

Develop advanced skills and techniques

Learn the theory and put it into practice on each creative project

Our Faculty

NIC’s Makeup experienced and talented faculty will guide you through this exciting journey into the makeup universe, shaping your skills and guiding you to find your own voice as a makeup artist.

Shimon Karmel

Shimon is an internationally published and award-winning photographer (Photo France...

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Shimon Karmel

Shimon is an internationally published and award-winning photographer (Photo France...

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Success Stories

Check some of the success stories from NIC’s Makeup programs alumni

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Program Requirements

At least 19 years of age or have a high school diploma.

Completion of Student Application Form and Admissions Questionnaire (by paper or online)

International students must also pass with a mark of 25/30 both the New Image written English Assessment Test and Verbal English Assessment Test.

Program Duration

440 hours – 22 weeks

This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training

Admissions & Tuition

From our experience, we understand that each student has different needs in their education and also in their financial planning. Our Admissions Representatives are prepared to guide you through our payment options and what is best for you. Get in touch to schedule a Zoom appointment and discuss.

The tuition fee includes the Beauty Makeup Kit (valued at $2,450). Students are given limitless use of supplies and products to work on each other during the practical portions of the modules that they are attending at the time. The tuition fee doesn’t include basic school supplies (pens, pencils, highlighters, sharpeners, erasers, white-out, tape, scissors, binders, paper, etc.)


Application Fee

Domestic Application Fee: $250
International Application Fee: $250

Tuition Fee

Domestic Tuition Fee: $13,950
International Tuition Fee: $14,950

Ready to apply?

Applying to your favourite school for a career you have always dreamed of is exciting! A New Image advisor is just an email or phone call away to assist you with questions and help make the process achievable. Your application is assessed by the people that will be there every step of the way during your education journey and have your best interests in mind.

Please select the program date, review the admission requirements and fill out the form at the Application Centre. A New Image representative will be calling you to get to know you better and discuss your goals, expectations, admissions and registration procedures within 48 hours.

Application Process

Apply Online

Check the program information and go through the program details, courses included, and tuition fees. Then fill out your application on NIC's Application Centre

Let's Talk

Upon receiving your application, one of our admissions representatives will reach out to you to schedule a Zoom call. We will discuss details regarding your program, tuition payment options and any question you might have.

Confirming your enrolment

We will provide you the documentation to confirm your enrolment and require an initial payment to reserve your seat for your chosen start date.

Get ready for school

This is your time to get organised! Use this period to coordinate your living arrangements, explore Vancouver and set up your route for your educational journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check below the most frequently asked questions about this program. If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

NIC schedules our makeup programs to run two and half days a week.


These programs are classified as full-time. In addition, NIC opens it doors for you to use our facilities to gain extra curricular experience, to work with your classmates to enhance your projects and exams, and to continue to develop your skills as an artist.

New Image College’s course prices are all-inclusive. We do not believe in hiding fees, and in correspondence with our governing laws, work on providing transparent prices. All prices include kit and supply fee.

NIC offers a variety of non-interest payment plan options that are available to assist students in obtaining their dream of education. In addition, we are highly experienced in assisting students in applying for government funding. Contact our Program and Career Advisors for further information, and to see the payment plan options available for you.

New Image College’s students are internationally recognized. We have alumni working world-wide, jobs ranging from business owners, on-set makeup artists for big budget film sets & critically acclaimed indie sets, in SPFX makeup labs for award-winning TV shows, retailing for some of makeup’s leading cosmetic brands and in the Global Fashion and Runway industries. In addition, NIC boasts a successful job board on our web site, offering world-wide job opportunities for our students on a daily basis!

After successful graduation, your job opportunities can range from Freelance Makeup Artist, Beauty Advisor, Cosmetic Retailing Business owner, Bridal Event Makeup Artist to Makeup Artist for Photo shoots, print and Fashion Shows.

Yes! But our goal is not to help you find only a job, but to help uncover opportunities that can craft a career!

NIC has one of the highest student success radios in our fields, and our hardworking, dedicated, and caring team is to thank. If you dedicate yourself to our training, we will work tirelessly to help you find the job of your dreams.