Online: Acting for the camera

Learn how to showcase your talent for TV & Film auditions

Online: Acting for the camera

Learn how to showcase your talent for TV & Film auditions

An introduction to preparing for film and television auditions

This course will free the student to believe in the power of their choices, and help the student to find confidence by putting their attention outside of themselves. And on your goals! We will cover important elements such as auditions, equipment needed, wardrobe, lighting, editing, slating, and what the casting director looks for in self-tapes. Other subjects:
– What is truthful acting?
– Allowing oneself to be authentic. Without apology.
– How to own it!

6-week/26-hour training

Intensive accelerated program giving you insightful knowledge and practice to build upon.

Audition focused

Learn about the audition process, what are casting directors looking for and how to present yourself and let your talent be noticed.

Text analysis, improvisation and performance

Techniques and teachings that will boost your confidence and improve your imagination to level up your performance.

Interactive online classes

Connect and interact live with mentors and classmates. engaged in the purpose of learning.

Program Overview

Perform with purpose and commitment

Acting for the camera is all about being present, powerful and real. But what does that mean? We will learn to discover our own natural voice, imagination and physicality. By using these together you can create a performance that comes alive on camera. You will learn how your choices can shape your performance and discover how decisions lead to different outcomes in the scene. We will use improvising opportunities around some of the scenes we are working on to help you find those powerful acting gems.

Industry-working mentors

We pride ourselves on having some of North America’s most diverse and experienced mentors. Our instructors have years of experience working on stage, TV and Film. They come from diverse methods of training and bring their daily on-set experiences into the classroom to offer up-to-date, realistic and comprehensive understandings of the acting industry.

Project-Based learning

NIC’s practical approach to learning gives the students the opportunity to apply and validate the theory they just learned, reinforcing each lesson in-depth. While working on your project you will be guided and receive essential feedback to improve and achieve higher levels each time.

Courses Included

The Acting for the Camera Online program is designed to introduce actors to audition and leve up their performance through live, interactive online classes

We will explore the importance of diction and good vocal presence. Understanding the meaning that is hidden within the text. The importance of your imagination. How to discover a truly relaxed state. The importance of being physically present. All these together help the young actor develop a sense of confidence in themselves.

We will continue to build on what we discovered last week. The actors will take apart the scenes they were assigned. The students will discover the power of choices in acting. We will also explore improvisation, which increases the actor’s confidence and improves imagination. One of the most exciting things they do is perform. That is where the students learn the most. They will be constantly tested by performing the material they have prepared. Redirection will be given to help the student further understand how to apply the techniques taught.

The actors will go deeper into text analysis. “The hidden meaning within the story”.The actors will learn how to act with their text. They will use this skill to prepare for an audition. They will also learn the importance of and how to develop a character’s backstory. All these combined give the young actor a set of tools to begin to explore the specifics of good acting. How to get out of their way and be in the moment!

The actors will be performing prepared material within the class. Now the young actors start to feel a sense of accomplishment. Only discovered by hard work. “Preparation is ninety percent of a good time!” We will be exploring what is a self-tape audition. How to prepare the self-tape, from understanding the rules of the audition to the equipment needed. Also, the importance of dressing your character. Not a stereotype. How to be specific about the choices you make in regards to wardrobe. Dressing the character, the right way gives the performer a sense of ownership and confidence. Important.

The actors will be exploring what is a great audition. The students will put all the tools they have gained during the course and apply them to their audition material. They will learn what is a Zoom callback. What are the steps to a successful audition callback? The business of the actor will be explored and discussed. They need to know what a professional actor’s job is.

Putting it all together! During this final week, the acting students will be tested during their showcase. They will feel the nerves and excitement of performing for guests. With courage, they put their flag on the top of the mountain for all to see. After the performance, the instructor will revisit all concepts taught. Have a Q&A to assure that the acting students have a full understanding of the training received to this point.

Fully interactive online class

25 hours / 6-week program

Accessible anywhere in the world

No previous acting experience required

Our Faculty

NIC’s Acting faculty is composed of talented, industry-active instructors who are masters of their craft and are committed to provide students with the most enriching acting educational journey.

Success Stories

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Program Requirements

At least 19 years of age or have a high school diploma.

A copy of Government Issued Photo ID.

Tuition fee payment.

Program Duration

26 hours – 6 weeks

This program does not require approval by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training. As such, PTIB did not review this program.

Admissions & Tuition

From our experience, we understand that each student has different needs in their education and also in their financial planning. Our Admissions Representatives are prepared to guide you through our payment options and what is best for you. Get in touch to schedule a Zoom appointment and discuss.

The tuition fee doesn’t include basic school supplies (pens, pencils, highlighters, sharpeners, erasers, white-out, tape, scissors, binders, paper, etc.)

Tuition Fee

Domestic Tuition Fee: $395
International Tuition Fee: $395

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check below the most frequently asked questions about this program. If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

NIC’s film acting programs are considered very intensive and demand the full energy of all students and staff. To ensure that you get the most out of your training. NIC keeps classes at a maximum of 14 students.

We pride ourselves in having some of North America’s most diverse and experienced mentors. Our instructors have years of experience working on stage, TV and Film. They come from diverse methods of training, and bring their daily on-set experiences into the classroom to offer up to date, realistic and comprehensive understandings of the acting industry.

The demo reel is on-camera showcase of an actor. 

New Image College is always eager to help our students get a step ahead in this ever-expanding business. This is why NIC has our Demo Reel Development module where our students will perform a wide range of on-camera material that compliments their abilities.

After completing this course, you will have a professional demo reel that you can use to attract agents, casting directors and give you basis to develop and build off of.