How to apply

Starting your application with New Image College to begin the career you have always dreamed of is an exciting step.
Our Programs and Career Advisors are a simple phone call or email away. We are eager to help make this application process an enjoyable and stress-free endeavour.

Your application will be reviewed by the people that will be present for every stage of your education journey. NIC aspires to keep your best interests in mind with open and transparent conversation.

Apply to NIC in 5 steps

Step 1

Choose your program

Check the program information you are interested in, and go through the program details, courses included, and tuition fees. Read our admissions section for a general overview of our policies.

Step 2

Apply online

Go to NIC Application Centre and fill out your application form.

Step 3

Let's Talk

Upon receiving your application, one of our admissions representatives will read it carefully and reach out to you to schedule a Zoom call. We will discuss details regarding your program, tuition payment options and any question you might have.

Step 4

Confirming your enrolment

We will provide you the documentation to confirm your enrolment and require an initial payment to reserve your seat for your chosen start date.

Step 5

Getting ready for school

This is your time to get organised! Use this period to coordinate your living arrangements, explore Vancouver and set up your route for your educational journey.

Admission Requirements

Admissions requirements cannot be waived by either the College or the student.

  • Complete the online (NIC Upload Centre) or paper application and student questionnaire form;
  • Upload or submit a copy of government-issued photo identification;
  • Upload or submit a copy of your passport (international students);
  • Pay the application fee (non-refundable);
  • Must be at least 19 years of age OR have a high school diploma.
    • If under 19: Upload or submit copy of high school diploma + transcript;
    • Submit Parental consent: Upon acceptance, a parent or legal guardian must co-sign the registration.
  • Provide for approval a detailed financial plan to cover tuition expenses;
  • Complete a financial assessment and various required documents if applying for a government student loan. The final approval for financial readiness will be determined by the result of the notice of assessment that is issued by Student Aid BC;
  • International students must also pass with a mark of 25/30 both the New Image Written English Assessment Test and Verbal English Assessment Test.

Domestic Students: Students must have zero #1 mark and no more than one #2 on the assessment test.

International Students: Students must meet a minimum of 25/30 on the assessment test.

  • Film Acting Conservatory, Film Acting Conservatory Co-Op, Film Acting Intermediate and Co-Op Film Acting 1
    Complete a successful audition in front of a panel of acting department personnel.
  • Film Acting Conservatory Year Two Program
    Acting diploma from New Image College or equivalent*
    • *Equivalent is defined as one of the following:
      • 1-year Performing Arts diploma/certificate from a private post-secondary educational institution, OR
      • >1-year BFA from any college or university OR
      • 2 years of professional experience in the entertainment industry.
  • The Cutting Edge – Advanced Prosthetics
    • Diploma or equivalent in the field of makeup artistry OR
    • Submit a 2,000-word essay and portfolio describing in detail how you are self-taught.
  • Film Makeup Masters skipping Professional Makeup Artist portion (13 weeks)
    • Professional Makeup Artist certificate from New Image College or equivalent*, AND
    • A professional beauty makeup kit inspection conducted by the Senior Academic Officer. Beauty makeup kits will be evaluated based on Canadian hygiene standards, AND
    • Successful completion and submission of a Sanitation Quiz
    • *Equivalent is defined as one of the following:
      • Certificate or Diploma from a private post-secondary educational institution, OR
      • Certificate or Diploma from any college or university OR
      • 2 years of professional experience in the makeup industry.
  • Spa Technician skipping any specific module (nails, body, and/or skin):
    • Nail Technician diploma from New Image College or equivalent*, AND
    • Successful completion and submission of a Sanitation Quiz.
    • *Equivalent is defined as one of the following:
      • Certificate or Diploma from a private post-secondary educational institution, OR
      • Certificate or Diploma from any college or university OR
      • 2 years of professional experience in the industry.

If a student has had prior education in their related field of study, NIC may omit certain sections of a program. To apply for this exemption, the student must produce a certificate or diploma (if applicable) and/or take the written exam for the section (to see where they are at and what areas may be omitted).

The student may also be required to demonstrate practical application of their skills to the Senior Academic Officer and instructors. The student will then be placed in the appropriate sections of the program and be given a schedule to follow. The student must take the written and practical finals for their programs and successfully pass them to receive their NIC diploma or certificate.


Upon application acceptance, the applicant may be contacted by NIC Admissions and be advised of registration dates and the deadline for payment of tuition fees.

Students who do not respond by the deadline may lose their opportunity to register for the dates of their choice; thus, they will be placed on a waitlist for the next available date.

Acceptance is valid for 30 days after your application submission. If the applicant wishes to register for the same program in future, they must re-submit their application.

Being rejected once from any of the programs does not mean applicants will be rejected again.

International Students

Study and Work Permits

All international students enrolled in a program longer than 6 months must obtain a study permit prior to attending New Image College. In order to participate in any of the New Image College Co-op programs and be able to work in Canada (which is an essential part of graduating successfully from a co-op program) you must also apply for a work permit.

After completing the application and registration process with your advisor, New Image College will provide you with the following documents that you will need when applying for your study and or work permit:

  • Letter of Acceptance for the study period
  • Letter of Acceptance for the co-op period
  • Proof of tuition payment
  • Student Enrolment Contract

Check where you can get your biometrics and what offices are open.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check below the most frequently asked questions about our admission proccess. If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

Firstly, we suggest that you get well-informed, so browse the website to get a sense of what you appreciate about the school and our programs. Peek at some of our student’s success stories! Then, call, email us or send a message on our website to make an appointment with a Program Advisor.

Our warm, approachable advisors all have the same goal: to get you started on your professional path. During this meeting, you and your advisor will talk about programs, and start dates, answer your questions, and learn more about you.

After that, they will explain the following steps for you to apply. Once accepted into your selected program you must finish the registration procedure as soon as possible.

Advance registration is strongly encouraged if you want to have a preferred program start date or apply for Student Loan financing.

We receive applications up to one year in advance of requested course start dates, therefore early registration is needed to assure a space in a class.

Personal Information:

  • Name
  • Citizenship 
  • Date of Birth
  • SIN Number (Domestic students only)
  • Phone Number
  • Full Address
  • Emergency Contact (Name, relationship, phone number and email)

Program Information

  • Chosen program
  • Start Date (if already decided)
  • NIC Representative (if already have one)

About you:

  • Why did you chose NIC, your expectations, why applying for the chosen program
  • General Health Infomation (Any condition/medical that we should be aware of) 
  • General Family Information (Parent/Guardian, occupation and contact)
  • General Finance information (employment, loans, etc)
  • Education (institution, credentials)


  • Government-issued ID,  Passport or Driver’s License








Domestic students must pass the New Image Written English Assessment Test and Domestic Verbal English Assessment Test. Students must have zero #1 marks and no more than one #2. International students must pass with a mark of 25/30 both the New Image Written English Assessment Test and Verbal English Assessment Test.

Admissions required for each program can be found in the “Admissions requirements” section above on this page or on each program’s page.

To be considered for admission, all candidates must:

  • Have a high school diploma or an accepted equivalent or be at least 19 years old.
  • Send the school a completed Application form.
  • Attend a personal or Zoom interview with a Program Advisor.
  • Meet the New Image College requirements for written and spoken English.
  • Students applying to Esthetics/Spa, Makeup, and Nail programs must also be comfortable with having and receiving treatments.
  • Acting students must complete a successful audition/interview in person and/or online.

Your Program Advisor will let you know if you have been accepted and met the admissions requirements and will guide you in the next steps to complete your registration.

There is an audition process for all our in-person acting programs. Auditions are held via zoom where you will have an experience like no other. Unlike other schools, your audition is live where you get some one-on-one feedback from the panel. Once you have formally applied, our Admissions team will go over in detail what you need to prepare for your audition.

Yes, you can work while you are in school. Your class schedule is 2 and a half days a week which allows students to work a part-time job. For International Students, please check the International Students FAQ page.

If you are under 19 years of age, New Image College does require parents’ or guardians’ signatures on all documentation. We are happy to set up a zoom call with a parent or guardian to go over any questions they may have.

In the event of a Program start date change, before it starts, a $40.00 administrative fee will be charged for a change of contract and a $250 administrative fee per new Letter of Acceptance may be charged. Acceptance is valid only for the year after application submission. A Program change date is defined as a change of the Program start date after the admission forms were signed/completed. For example, your Program starts on January 8th, and you wish to postpone your start date to April 16th (or any other later intake date). If you wish to change your start date, please email [email protected]

In the event of a Program start date change, after it starts, we may charge up to 50% of your Program due to re-registration and administrative fees. For example, your Program started on January 8th, and you wish to postpone your start date to May 16th (or any other later intake date). Please review the refund policy to make sure that you want to follow this route

Co-Operative Education (Co-Op) integrates students’ academic education (classroom-based learning) with relevant, supervised, and paid work experience (work-based learning). It allows you to develop the skills needed to be successful in your future career. During placement, the student will be supervised, evaluated, and paid for by an employer and New Image College.

Not all programs include Co-Op Work Terms. The program that has a Co-Op term attached after the Study period are the following:

  • Spa Technician Co-Op (1-year study, 1-year Co-Op)
  • Nail Technician Co-Op (5 months study, 5 months Co-Op)
  • Film Acting Conservatory Co-Op (2 years study, 1-year Co-Op)
  • Co-Op Film Acting 1 (1-year study, 1-year Co-Op)
  • Film Makeup Masters Co-Op (1-year study, 1-year Co-Op)
  • Professional Makeup Artist Co-Op (5.5 months study, 5.5 months Co-Op)

Depending on your first choice of program, you may be able to accommodate a different program as well. For example, we have students that take both the Film Makeup Masters program and the Nail Technician programs concurrently. However, please speak about this with your Program Advisor to ensure that there is no conflict in your schedule.

View more about the admissions process


Understand our payment process, tuition terms and refund policies.


View upcoming start dates for all our programs and plan your future with us.

Ready to apply?

Apply for your program and initiate your educational journey at NIC! A New Image advisor is just an email or phone call away to assist you with questions and help make the process achievable.