Miellyn is On The Way

Miellyn is a well rounded and gifted student that came to us to study both Beauty Makeup Art as well as Fashion & Film Makeup Design. Skills she has obtained, fine-tuned, and is now clearly applying in the best of ways on her path to the Makeup SFX industry.

She is a genuine inspiration to both fellow alumni and students that continue to come and join the ranks of NIC’s community, and an even better example of why it’s so important to always foster an amazing network of contacts, friends, colleagues and coworkers that are always at the ready to hit the ground running on amazing projects, or simply for that tap on the shoulder for that next job!

In her own words:

I took the 2016-2017 Fashion and Film course. Previous to that I took the Beauty Design course, so I spent a total of 13 months at New Image. I’ve just wrapped on two indies this week, and a few others in the last month. I’m currently working on collecting my days for my union application, and am hoping to start working on MOWs in the near future. Theres always so much being produced in Vancouver, I’m always taking any and all film work I can get! I work as a Makeup Artist and my primary focus is SFX. The cool thing about indie films is you can kinda try your hand at a lot of other positions. Sometimes you help with load-ins, wardrobe, props, set dec, etc. It really gives you an appreciation towards everyone on set because they all work really hard. I really appreciate the team at New Image for always sending out news about opportunities and available positions, as well as union info. I’ve gotten to do some events through them and it’s always a fun time. They help you showcase your talent and get connections.

We are so proud of you Miellyn, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings as you continue exploring the amazing world of Makeup SFX.

As ever, we are proud of your great achievements and wish you the best on this road to success Miellyn!

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