Our alumni team up for more success

NIC Film Acting Alumni Dakota Daulby, and NIC Makeup for Fashion and Film Alumni Christa Mills team up on the short film, Vinny’s Girl, which has recently been accepted into Downtown Urban Arts Festival. Screening in New York City, Vinny’s Girl is one of the three Canadian films selected for this year’s programming.

Directed by Harrison Houde, written by and starring Zachary Gulka, and Emily Tennant, Vinny’s Girl is about an awkward dreamer who falls deeply in love with the voice behind his favorite album. Vinny will go to extreme lengths to rid himself of his current reality and hopefully collect his dream girl.

Dakota Daulby produced the film alongside Wai Sun Cheng, Zachary Gulka, Artin John, and Phil Planta. Christa Mills, who also recently competed in IMATS Vancouver, acted as Key Makeup, Hair and SPFX Effects on the project! We are very proud of you and your team’s great work, and look forward to seeing more exciting films to come! 

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