Gayle Yamamoto is “Mrs Tamaka” in Hallmark Movie!

Today we are celebrating NIC Acting graduate Gayle Yamamoto! Gayle just booked the role of Mrs Tamaka in the Hallmark movie “Coyote Creek Christmas”, and works regularly as an extra and stand-in on tv/movie sets. Read on to find out more about her inspiring story, and why her background work is key to her success:

“Since I graduated from the Professional Acting Program at New Image College, I have been working in the film industry as a background performer and stand-in.  The experience has definitely prepared me for the occasions when I get a booking as an actor for television or film.  Having the knowledge of all the nuances of film production already in the back of my head means that I only need to concentrate on my performance. 

I recently booked a small acting role on the Hallmark movie of the week “Coyote Creek Christmas.”  On the day, by the time they got to my scene the crew was rushed as they were running behind.  There was no time to confer with the director nor to rehearse.  We barely had time to do final touch-ups and to set up my props.  We took our marks and the next thing we knew we were rolling.  I managed to get through my scene with ease, but only because I was used to this kind of chaotic atmosphere.  I’m sure I would have choked if I wasn’t used to working on film sets.

Not long after that, I did a self-tape audition for a Walmart commercial. I didn’t ask for details of the commercial and  none were forthcoming, so I wasn’t sure what I was even auditioning for.  Nonetheless, I booked it! On the day of the shoot I had no idea what I would be doing until I met with the director (Robert Stromberg). Again my experience on film sets helped me navigate my work day, as commercial shoots tend to be very particular and precise.  He wanted me to walk a very specific path, at a specific pace, with a specific expression.  Mr. Stromberg is a rather intense director and I was able to understand his language, and it made for a smooth shoot day for me.”

Congratulations Gayle! Our graduates work. 

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