Acting Head Phil Granger in “Woodland” on Amazon Prime

Today we have exciting NIC Acting news…..Phil Granger, acting head here at NIC, stars in Woodland with actor Richard Harmon on Amazon Prime! Written and directed by Jon Silverberg, the show premiered on December 22nd! And get this….Phil won the Best Supporting Actor Leo Award for his performances as Sparky. At New Image, our instructors are working actors. This means that they teach the most up to date acting techniques and industry standard level classes possible. Congratulations Phil! Read on to find out more about Phil and the show below!

Phil is an actor and producer known for his work in Maid as “Howie Poascencia”, Cosmic Dawn as “Dieter”, Upload as “Uncle Larry”, Arrow as “Fred”, Lucifer as “Louie Delgado”, Rogue as “Joe” and many many more in his very prolific film career!

Set in 1989, Jake (Harmon), an out-of-work photojournalist who struggles with addiction and a troubled past, takes a job as watchman of a wilderness lodge on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest, alongside veteran handyman Sparky (Granger). Jake sets up a darkroom to develop the photos he shoots, which begin to reveal disturbing premonitions of their future.

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