NIC graduate, Jupiter Ishida lands role India!

NIC Film Acting Conservatory Co-Op graduate lands role India!! 

Naoya Ishida, also known as Jupiter, traveled far to attend the NIC Film Acting Conservatory Co-Op program. Jupiter came from Japan to train as an actor. He accredits the program for changing what’s possible. Jupiter was an outstanding student who always dreamed of becoming an actor and he worked hard. After completing his studies, Jupiter started to audition and landed a major role in a movie shooting in India.

Jupiter has expressed his excitement and gratitude. His experience in India, the superb scenery and the wonderful actors he met were a dream come true.

Jupiter’s success story has inspired many. His brave can-do attitude was always in the pursuit of excellence. Jupiter’s success story is a testament to his dedication and hard work. His passion for acting has taken him to places he only dreamed of. 

Congratulations, Jupiter! 

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