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Check out this shot from our latest LIVE theatre performance here at NIC: This Is Our Youth + Lobby Head!!  Written by Kenneth Lonegan Directed by Katherine Hill Starring: Bradley Gunter, Prince Goswami, Tristan Santucci, Sar Killese, Macy LP, Rosanna Lee, Kim Abambyeol

This breath-taking ogre was done by NIC instructor Michelle Grady. Michelle Grady uses her experience and excellence to inspire our students every day. Our instructors make sure that our students have all the tools they’ll need to succeed in the industry. After learning from demos like this one, our students get a chance to create  Read more ➝

Today we visited the set of group 58 advanced film project! It was great to see everyone working together-including a first-year student working as an extra! Everyone was excited to be filming. This is what they’ve worked for! It’s always a great blessing to go to location and do what you love. Check out these  Read more ➝

Another day, another warm-up! This is where all of the NIC graduate success stories began. Our students begin their day working with industry standard professionals to hone their craft. Click here to learn more about our Film Acting Conservatory Program today!